BARF Night was a raging success – not because all of our clubbers got sick (ha! ha!), but because we had SO many “real friends” join us! The Cove was jam packed with over 100 clubbers, friends and leaders!

During Table Time, Ms. Betsy called all the “friends” to the stage and told them about Awana, what we do each week and that they are welcome to join us any week, not just on BARF night! She gave them each a Flight 3:16 starter book that they could work on that night and also take home with them. All our clubbers are working so hard on their verses and doing an amazing job! We’ve had so many clubbers get their vests and T&T shirts for completing their starter books (FYI… to get their green T&T shirt, the third graders have to memorize seven Bible verses!). Way to go!!

During Counsel Time, we introduced our friends to the AWANA rules and then taught them what AWANA means (with the help of our awesome third graders!). Then Ms. Betsy introduced the pet of the week: GOLDFISH. She talked about how goldfish live their entire life in one “room”, a fish tank. While that seems really dull and boring to us, goldfish actually seem quite content! We decided that we could probably learn a little about contentment from goldfish – but we can learn the same things from someone in the Bible. Ms. Betsy had the clubbers open up their Bibles to Philippians chapter 4 and read the following verse: “Always be full of joy in the Lord! I say it again – rejoice!” The Apostle Paul wrote this verse to encourage the people of Philippi. What’s remarkable is that he wrote that while he was in jail! Paul had every reason to be discontent, upset and frustrated; instead, he was rejoicing! On other hand, when things go wrong with us or we’re uncomfortable or we don’t get our way – we tend to throw a pity party! And yes, that’s normal but it’s not what God tells us to do. God wants us to give our frustrations to him and then focus on the good things in our life. He wants us to remember that He loves us and knows exactly what we’re going through all the time. Again in Philippians, Paul says, “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” When we focus on the good things and the blessings in our life, it’s really hard to throw a pity party! At the end, we got to hear one of our favorite fish impart some wisdom on what to do when things go wrong. Ask your clubber to tell you about that! :)

Game time was super fun as always! Thank you to Mr. John and Mr. Ryan for doing such a great job with that!

A few announcements and reminders:

  • This Sunday is UNIFORM SUNDAY. No matter what church you go to, if your clubber wears their uniform to church AND you sign the Sunday School record on the inside of their book, they will get a small prize next week!
  • Next week is TEAM COLOR NIGHT! Have your clubber dress head to toe in their team color. If they don’t know their team color, just email me and I can let you know.
  • Parents – remember that if your clubber says their verses to you at home and you sign their book (just under the leader’s signature line) then your clubber will get double (team) points for saying that verse!

Your kids are amazing and we love spending Wednesday nights with them!

Have a wonderful week and we’ll see you next Wednesday…

The AWANA Team