Here is the internship stuff I was mentioning.
1.) Here is our web page for interns https://www.canyonsprings.org/ministries/oasis-youth-ministry/internship/ we make it so people can contribute online for them as well
2.) Application for all interns  internship app FINAL PDF
3.) generic details.  internship details PDF
4.) Checklist of things we teach them during their internship. (this is a main document we use) Most of our interns do a two year internship and become youth pastors after. So, they are able to do everything on the list. If we have summer interns I focus in on the things I feel like will benefit them the most during the internship. We have interns that want to be youth pastors. They aren’t just getting tasks done but really learning the things they need to learn to become youth pastors. I typically don’t have interns unless they want to be in ministry.  Interns PDF checklist.   
We have had pastoral interns and worship leading interns in the youth department.
If you guys ever want to discuss more my number is below. All of our interns raise support and it works. I did this same style internship for three years before I did full time youth min so I am a big believer in it :)
PS: If you need more information on how to raise support and how we have done it, feel free to reach out to me.
949 335 2101