City Search Middle School 2019

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City Search 2019 Is Here!

We are excited to have our annual City Search on October 24th. City Search is our Halloween event where students will go  on a massive scavenger hunt around Scripps Ranch competing against their friends. It is a truly spooktacular event and we hope you ghouls can make it out!


  • Dates: October 24th
  • Time: 7-9PM
  • Where: Meet at the Cove at 9889 Hibert Street Suite A. 92131
  • Bring What: Bring $5 to enter the contest (this helps us pay for prizes and pizza, candy and soda for the night)
  • Where What: This is a Halloween event so show up with an AWESOME costume. We will also be having a costume contest with giveaways,
  • Should I Bring a Friend: YES! This is a great event to invite a friend too. We always encourage you to invite a friend to church but THIS is a really great even to invite a friend to. They will have a blast and learn that church CAN be fun.
  • Who is Driving: Adult leaders and members from the church


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