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Good Friday – A Journey Through the Crucifixion

Jesus said seven (7) phrases from the Cross that are incredibly significant theologically and spiritually. Join us as we journey to various stations around Scripps Ranch that will help you engage with the Cross’s experience on Good Friday. All of the stations will lead to Sycamore Canyon Park, where we will have a bilingual night of worship together partnering with our Latino church “Casa De Gracia.”

Event Details

  • When:  Friday, April 2, 2021
  • Time:   6:00 – 7:30pm
  • Where: Throughout Scripps Ranch and landing at Sycamore Canyon Park at 7:00pm
  • Registration: Yes! Register HERE


1.)  How many stations are there, and where are they?
We will have six (6) various stations at three different locations: the Cove, the Scripps Ranch Library parking lot, and Scripps Ranch Community Park.

2.)  Is it appropriate for kids?
Yes! We are planning everything with your kids in mind.

3.)  What will we do?
Hop onto your Church Center App when the event has started and click on “Good Friday” from the homepage. Listen to the audio that describes the station you are going to. Hear a short 2-minute audio clip from one of our staff depicting the station you are about to engage. Work through all six stations and meet us at the Sycamore Canyon Park after, where we will worship and pray as a family.

4.) Should I start at a specific station/location?
Yes! You will get an email closer to the event about which stations you should start. After that, you can continue to the other two locations in any order. There are three locations with two (2) stations at each.

5.)  What do I need?
You need to download the Church Center App! Everything will be in there for you. Can’t get the app? That’s okay. From any web browser, go to canyonsprings.churchcenter.com.

Have You Registered For In-Person Easter Service!

We are offering THREE in-person services at Sycamore Canyon Park! Check out our Easter Sunday Service page and register TODAY!


Health & Safety Precautions

We are taking every precaution necessary to ensure your safety including meeting outside, maintaining physical distance, and requiring face coverings.  We know that God is still working and we want to come together and seek His Spirit!