Niki Maynard
Middle School/Finance Director
Canyon Springs Middle School/Finance Director

Niki Maynard is the Middle School/Finance Director at Canyon Springs Church and directly oversees all things middle school. She is passionate about reaching young people for Christ and joining in on the work the Lord is doing. After graduating from Arizona Christian University with a B.S. in Christian Ministries with an emphasis in Youth, she was hired to partner with our youth pastor, Chad, in order to dedicate her full attention to this growing ministry.

More about Niki, from Niki:

I was born in Yuma, Arizona where I lived with my mother and sister for 14 years until I decided to move to Quartzsite, Arizona to live with my father and stepmother for high school. Though Quartzsite was the smallest town I had ever been to (3,500 year-round residents, 1.5 million tourists, travelers, and winter visitors November-February), the Lord had big plans for me there. It was in that town where I was discipled and really learned what it meant to live a life that was committed to following the Lord. I got super connected with my youth group and realized I wanted to go into ministry full-time, which is why I chose to attend Arizona Christian University. The Lord showed his kindness to me in so many ways through my time at ACU, and I am so glad that Canyon Springs was part of it! As part of my degree, I interned with Canyon Springs in 2016 where I worked closely with the youth ministry for a summer. Upon my graduation, I was offered a position to work with the middle schoolers and I couldn’t say no. I am so excited to be back with Canyon Springs and I can’t wait to see how the Lord will continue to move here!

  • Favorite Food: Tamales! (Email me with recommendations–I just moved here!)
  • Hobbies: Drinking water and wearing stripes.
  • Favorite Color: Orange. And yellow.
  • Random Fact: I once ate an entire packet of mayonnaise just to connect with middle schoolers.


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