Our VBS Space Shuttle Mission is….COMPLETE!! What an amazing week! Our Astronauts were so great at staying focused on our key job for the week (which of course was to have fun) but also to . . . SEARCH THE VISIBLE, DISCOVER THE INVISIBLE!

We finished the week strong with some really fun activities in our rotations:

  • CRAFT–The Astronauts created very special books. There was a picture of their VBS group on the front and several blank pages inside. Some of the kids used it like a journal while others used it like a yearbook and had everyone sign it! Still others used it to write thank you letters to their leaders and friends. :)
  • REC–It was one big fun time on the slip & slide! And, boy, was it ever slippery!
  • MUSIC–We got to review ALL the fun songs that we’ve done this week. Then, all the kids circled up and got to share individually what their favorite part of VBS is. We ended with an all-time favorite.. the squeeze game!
  • STORY–Our story today was about Jesus appearing to the disciples (his friends) after he rose from the dead. The disciples were fishing and unable to catch anything all night; then they heard a voice from the shore tell them to throw their net to the other side of the boat. They did it – reluctantly – and lo and behold, their nets were so full they couldn’t even pull them into the boat! As they headed into shore, they realized that it was Jesus, and he was sitting there preparing breakfast for them. He talked to them about their job – to take care of his sheep (people) now that he was in heaven. He also promised that he would send a helper, the Holy Spirit, to help them. This story reflects how: THE RELATIONSHIP CONTINUES!

Acceptance of Christ

Toward the end of the week, during Storytime, the kids were given the opportunity to pray to invite Jesus into their heart and become part of His family. Throughout the week we had 73 kids say that prayer and accept Christ! That is absolutely wonderful!! Please talk to your child and see if they made this decision this week; they should have come home with a “God Loves You” book which explains everything that was talked about. If you have any questions, would like to find out more or want to discuss “what’s next” for your child, feel free to email Betsy at [email protected].

VBS Sunday

Please make plans to join us TOMORROW for VBS SUNDAY!! This is a continuation of our amazing week as the kids will come on stage to perform two VBS songs and then get watch the highlight video from the week. The bonus is getting to hang out with the VBS friends for one more day! Be sure your child wears their VBS shirt.

What’s Next?

Once school starts, we have mid-week programs that your kids would love! AWANA is for kindergarten through 3rd graders and meets on Wednesday night at the Cove. Sign up now for a special VBS discount… www.sandiegoawana.com. Club 45 is for 4th & 5th graders and meets on Monday nights at the Cove. It is a FREE program but we ask that you sign up so we know how many are coming….


We enjoyed every minute with your kids this week. If your child had fun this year, they will NOT want to miss VBS next year! (June 25-29, 2018). Sign up now for a SUPER Duper Early Bird Discount!! www.sandiegovbs.com.

Enjoy the rest of your summer – we’ll see you tomorrow!

Commander B and Coco

Highlight Recap Video

Master Yoda Paul and Chadi Round 4…