The faces of Canyon Springs Church. http://www.CanyonSprings.comCanyon Springs Men’s Ministry is a simple way to connect with other guys from Canyon Springs. Most men connect at home and work just fine, but for lots of us, connections with other men stopped happening after high school. Our culture challenges men to be self-made lone ranger types, but the reality is that, just like a sports team, we need each other.

Our men’s events are designed to be “just show up” and “come as you are.” You’ll meet some great men, and you might even remember some of their names when you see them on Sunday. You’d be amazed how much more natural church feels when you actually recognize someone you have socialized with. We connect through movie nights, softball league, poker nights, Monday Night Football, NCAA Men’s Championship, Steak Nights, and even a Bible study or two.

We’re also about enabling ministry. You might want to form a soccer team, start a cycling club, or lead other men in strengthening their faith. Send us an email and we’ll work together to turn your ministry vision into reality.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Explore the Season of Lent – 2018

    February 14 - March 29
  2. Women’s Ministry Annual Retreat 2018

    March 2 - March 4
  3. How to Afford your iPhone & Starbucks After your Parents Cut You Off!

    March 11 @ 4:00 pm - March 18 @ 6:00 pm
  4. Haiti Spring Break Trip 2018

    March 22 - March 28
  5. Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2018

    June 25 @ 9:00 am - June 29 @ 12:00 pm

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