Our Sunday worship service is a 70 minute experience designed to equip and inspire adults to live life as their heavenly Father designed it to be lived.  When you walk into our auditorium you will experience:

  • A casual atmosphere that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Upbeat contemporary music that will leave you inspired.
  • Inspirational video(s) that will help you connect with the message of God for your life.
  • Interesting messages from the Bible that will challenge you, make you laugh, make you think and most importantly, connect you with a God who wants to help you write the next chapter of your life.

When do services start?

Adult Services start every Sunday at

  • 8:30am
  • 10:30am

Our worship service team includes:

  • Jack Hawkins – Jack is the founder of Canyon Springs and has spoken at hundreds of camps, conferences, and churches.
  • Paul Murray – Paul has been in ministry for 20 years and is a gifted communicator and master story teller.
  • Kyle Hildebrand – Kyle was formerly a recording artist with distribution by MCA / Universal, and is now Canyon Springs full time Pastor of worship and creative arts.
  • Bill Hoffman – Bill is the part time programming director at Canyon Springs but his full time job is the curator of animals at Sea World

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