OASIS is our youth program for high school students (grades 9–12), and Oasis Middle is our program for middle school students (grades 6–8). Canyon Springs’ vision is to be about the one, and OASIS and Oasis Middle accomplish this by reaching non-believing students, connecting them to believing students, and helping them grow in their faith, discover their ministry, and honor God with their lives.

We accomplish this mission in many different ways, from awesome camps and events to midweeks that provide a place for the students to belong and discover they’re not alone.

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Current Offerings

[Updated 2/14/2022]

We are offering in-person large and small group gatherings for both middle school and high school students.

Currently, OASIS (High School) is meeting Wednesday nights at The Cove for OASIS Midweeks at 7:30pm. Midweeks is a great environment for a student to get more connected to the group and grow deeper in their faith. In between those two Midweeks, we meet for off-site small groups.

Oasis Middle is meeting Thursday nights for in-person Midweeks Thursday nights at The Cove.

For the most up-to-date information, visit our “This Week at Canyon Springs” page, follow OASIS and OASIS Middle on Instagram, or subscribe to email updates.

Youth Camps

Our youth camps are a great way to get connected. Every year we hear stories of insane life change and a lot of that change starts at these camps. There is just something about getting away for an extended period of time. No distractions, no school, surrounded by God’s beauty. There is a reason that kids experience God so much at these camps.

We announce camps here on our website, social media and email newsletters so stay tuned on the next round of camps.

“In The Water” Blog

We will be providing regular updates about the Oasis and OASIS Middle in the form of blog posts. You can also sign up for them to be delivered directly to your inbox. (See the sign-up form below.)

High School Updates

Middle School Updates

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Recent Posts & Stories

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We are always looking for leaders that love the youth. If you have a heart for leading a small group or want to get involved with Oasis, fill out the contact form below and let us know!

Oasis Internship Program

Our internship program offers people a space to seek God, learn from each other, and grow in Faith.

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