We are a Christian Church located in the Scripps Ranch Community of San Diego. We are a part of the Evangelical Covenant Denomination and we welcome everyone! Our Sunday services, mid-week events and various ministries for men, women, youth and children mean that there’s something for everyone.

Canyon Springs was planted in Scripps Ranch, San Diego in 1998 with a simple dream: reach people far from God and create a church where you could invite friends and family. Since then, Canyon Springs has grown to baptize and reach 1,000s of people with one simple message: It’s about the one. We believe that a relationship with Jesus can transform your life.

“It’s About the One” – Our Mission Statement

It’s about The One. It is a phrase you will hear often when you come to Canyon Springs. This statement has four prongs to it where we seek to capture the Gospel and story of Jesus more fully.

  1. First, “Your relationship with the One”, refers to our relationship with Jesus.  We were created to be in relationship with the God of the universe and only then can we experience the forgiveness, joy, and peace that God intended for us. We believe following the way of Jesus has the power to transform us.
  2. Second, “Your relationship with other One’s.” We believe that we are better together and you cannot do faith on your own. We encourage all believers to have a Christian community they can be vulnerable, authentic and real with.
  3. Third, “Loving the next One.” Our faith is not just about “us.”  Jesus told stories about lost sheep, lost coins, and a lost brother.  In all of those stories, it’s not about the found, it’s about the lost one.  Once we are in relationship with The One, we do not stop there. Our calling is to love the next “One” with the transformational power of the Gospel.
  4. Fourth, “Participating with the One.” A huge part of our faith is not just getting into Heaven and living like Hell right now. We are called to participate with what God is doing here on earth. Wether that is being a taste of Jesus at your work or traveling across the world to serve others we want to help you find a place you can use your gifts to make an impact and participate with what God is doing in the larger scheme of our culture.