I know it’s hard for some people to believe that the Bible is still relevant to our lives today, but the more you explore what God has to say to us in His word the more you will realize that the transforming power of God’s word never goes out of style.  It is still as powerful and life changing today as it was over 2,000 years ago.

Every Sunday the staff at Canyon Springs works hard to communicate the power of God’s truth in messages that connect the Bible with our every day life.  Check out our message archives and you’ll see.  You’ll laugh, you’ll relate, but more importantly you’ll see that God’s story can change your story and help you start a new chapter in your life.

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Gino Mingo - September 3, 2023

Transform Your Service

From Series: "Transformation Initiative"

Canyon Springs was planted in 1998 with a simple dream: reach people far from God and create a church where you could invite friends and family. Since then, Canyon Springs has grown to baptize and reach 1000’s of people with one simple message: It’s about the one. We believe that a relationship with Jesus can transform your life. We are a church on a mission to transform San Diego and make an impact domestically and internationally. The vision for this next season of Canyon Springs is rooted in one word: Transformation. The testimonies of transformation in our church are endless. From fostering and adopting kids to students committing their lives to Jesus at our youth Summer Camps and teams traveling to remote places to share the word of Jesus, Canyon Springs has always been a place where love shows its face. Jesus is in the business of complete and total transformation. He does not want just one piece of your heart; he wants it all! There is a plethora of transformations going on right now at Canyon Springs. We are entering a new season with a new pastor. We are finally in our very own building filled with energy and momentum. Lots of transformation is happening. All of this is leading our church to one thing: Make a transforming impact in our community and around the world. We want to reach people far from God in hopes that God transforms their family tree. We want to radically transform San Diego and ensure our community knows we are a church that serves. We want Jesus to transform your life so powerfully that you are never the same. Your kids are not the same. Your spouse is not the same. Your life is entirely different because you made Jesus the center. Are you ready? Join us for this next message series that is centered all around our two-year missional campaign "The Transformation Initiative" and join us in the work that God is already doing in San Diego and at our church. If you would like to know more information about Canyon Springs Church in San Diego, visit http://www.canyonsprings.org.

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