Paul Murray
Associate Pastor
Paul is a Pastor at Canyon Springs.

Paul is another Pastor at Canyon Springs. A few years back Paul and his wife Bethany joined Canyon Springs Church in an effort to support and partner with what Jack had already begun. Paul graduated from the prestigious Moody Bible Institute back in the late 1900’s and brings with him over 25 years of experience.

More About Paul, From Paul

Let me start my story with a little “Murray” history. I was born in Glasgow, Scotland.  My family is originally from the high mountains in the North of Scotland from the land of Moray (pronounced Murray) These people were sometimes referred to as the Highlanders. My namesake follows in the lineage of one of the great Scottish hero’s,  Andrew Moray, who catapulted Braveheart’s William Wallace’s fights from mere brawls to brilliant battlefield executions. Unfortunately Murray was mortally wounded in the battle of Stirling, on September 11, 1927.

I guess it’s from that heritage that has made me the thrill seeker that I am.  So far in my life I’ve been a wrestler, a missionary, a skydiver and a professional bungee jumping instructor with over 400 jumps of 300 feet or higher. Seems I was born for adventure. But the greatest adventure of my life has nothing to do with bungee towers or skydiving. My greatest adventure began when I made a leap of faith into the arms of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In some ways I guess I was born into that as well.

My father played center forward for the Glasgow Rangers Soccer team but sensed God pulling him into a new direction. My Dad and my Mom went into full time ministry and moved our family to Calgary Alberta Canada, where I was raised. My parents have been in full time ministry all of my life, so I have attended churches all of my life. One day, as a young boy, I asked my Dad about Heaven and he told me the greatest adventure story I ever heard. He told me all about Jesus, his life, his death, his resurrection. He also told me that knowing Jesus would reserve a spot in the ultimate adventurers’ paradise, heaven. That night, at the foot of my bed I gave my heart to God and trusted him for the forgiveness of my sins. Since then God has lead me on a path I might never have chosen, but I wouldn’t trade for anything.

After high school I attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and then began working at other churches throughout the country as a youth pastor. 17 years ago I jumped into another adventure and married my beautiful wife Bethany. That lead to an even scarier adventure… having kids. We have two wonderful kids and now it’s my job to keep them from bungee jumping off our garage and parachuting off our roof. My life hasn’t always turned out like I planned, but I’ve learned that God has adventure around every corner if I just keep my eyes on him. I’d love the opportunity to get to know you and what adventure life has you on.

Stuff & Random Tidbits About Paul

  • Morning or Night Person: Neither, I have plenty of time to catch up on my sleep when i’m in heaven
  • PC or Mac: Depends which one I just threw out the window.
  • Favorite Dessert: Steak.
  • Beach or Mountains: Both.
  • In my free time: I have 2 kids, therefore no free time.
  • Favorite Things: Family, Hockey, Jeeps, Coaching.
  • Favorite Sports: Hockey, MMA, Wrestling, Surfing.
  • Favorite Athletes: Hockey-Caleb Murray, Tetherball-Brooke Murray.