BARF night (i.e, Bring a Friend Night) was a raging success! Our clubbers did a fantastic job of inviting their friends to Awana this week; as a result, the Cove was packed with over 120 clubbers, friends and leaders! In addition, we got to introduce the love of Jesus to many new kids!

During Table Time, Ms. Betsy called all the “friends” to the stage to talk to them about Awana. She told them what we do on Wednesday nights, gave them an intro booklet and invited them to come back anytime! If one of your friends is interested in coming back and joining, here is the link:

They will register as “Clubber Joining After BARF Night”, as there is a discounted price!

In continuing our Emoji series, this week’s focus was on….



Ms. Betsy showed several of the different emojis that can be used to express laughter via text or email. She also introduced a few abbreviations – LOL (laugh out loud) and ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). I apologize now if your child starts using those on a regular basis?!

To get the laughter going, she told a few knock knock jokes. Unfortunately, there was no ROFL; if anything, maybe a few chuckles. :) She then talked about how laughter is a God-given gift – maybe one of the BEST gifts He gave us! In fact, there’s proven evidence that laughing on a regular basis makes us healthier (see if your clubber can tell you about any of these). Like anything, though, there is a another side to laughter. While God intended us to use laughter for good – to build up and encourage each other, to relieve sadness and pain – sometimes it can be harmful. Most of us have been the victim of teasing, being laughed at or mocked; it’s very hurtful. Or some of us may have even been the ones laughing at others! Another harmful side of laughter is listening to/telling dirty jokes or things that are inappropriate. Our Bible verse for the night was Ecclesiastes 3:1,4 where Solomon tells us there is a time and a season for everything. As followers of God, we have to ask for wisdom to know when to laugh and when to hold back or walk away. As one of God’s greatest gifts, we want to be sure to always use it for good!

Congrats to the GREEN team for being our color winner for the night!

Next week… LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Being the club before Valentine’s Day, clubbers are invited to dress head to toe in pink and red.

Be sure to work with your clubbers during the week to memorize their verses and work through their handbooks. Don’t forget that if YOU sign off on their verses (in addition to their leader), they get DOUBLE points!

Have a great week!

The AWANA Team