AWANA 2021-2022 Year in Review!

And that’s a wrap! WOW!! It felt GOOD to get back to AWANA this year after a year hiatus due to Covid.  We started the year off in a series called “Level Up!” Kids journeyed through the book of Exodus. This video game-themed series encouraged our kids in their quests to grow spiritually. Our AWANA kids took a look at [...]

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AWANA – Color Week

Team COLOR Week Candy of the Week: Jelly Beans Each clubber started with a cup full of 10 jelly beans! So many colors and flavors! Jelly Bean Facts: Did you know... There are about 400 jelly beans in a pound! There is a Jelly Bean University where you can major in Beanology. It takes 7 to 21 days to make [...]

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AWANA – BARF Night!!

BARF Night (aka Bring A Real Friend) This week's theme was BARF Night. This means that our AWANA kids can bring a real friend to enjoy all the AWANA fun! There were so many friends here of all ages and sizes! They got the true AWANA welcome when they played games, heard the message about a greater reward and learned some [...]

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AWANA and…chocolate!

Last night was Crazy Sock Night (and there were lots of wild and wacky socks!). More importantly, though, it was the first week of our series on CANDY! The candy of the week was....chocolate! The clubbers were thrilled to get to snack on M&Ms during table time - and I'm sure it helped them to memorize even more Bible verses! [...]

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AWANA Kick Off!

Our AWANA Kick Off last night was awesome! The Cove was packed with over 50 kindergarten through 3rd graders, who were loved and guided by 28 fearless AWANA leaders! In addition, we had 31 clubbers joining us for the very first time! It was so great to be able to share with them what AWANA is all about and what we get to [...]

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AWANA Awards Night

We celebrated the end of our AWANA year with an awards ceremony at the Cove on Wednesday night. Parents and siblings were invited as we recognized our clubbers for all their hard work over the past seven months. Each table came on stage and awards were given for: handbook completions, attendance, color team points winner and sportsmanship. We also recognized [...]

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Favorite Things at Awana

This week was FAVORITE THINGS Night! The clubbers were able to bring one of their favorite things to Awana (it just couldn't be alive or edible!). We had stuffed animals, sports items, electronic devices, places and many others! Our emoji for the week was....   Cool dude! We talked about how people wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes - [...]

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Wacky AWANA!

This week was CRAZY SOCK Night! Boy, were there some wild and crazy socks too?! Our emoji for the week was.... Wacky and crazy! These emojis are a fun way to express our silly side when we're texting and emailing. We talked about some of the things that make us "wacky" - foods we like/dislike, types of clothes we wear, what we [...]

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It was Table Night last night; each table group decided last week how they wanted to dress. We had clubbers dressed in black & white, all pink, crazy hats, crazy hair and lots of pajamas! Our emoji for the week was....   Angry! We pointed out that almost all the emoji faces are yellow, but this one - and most [...]

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AWANA in love!

Love was definitely "in the air" on Wednesday night at AWANA! The Cove was decked out in red, pink and hearts - and the clubbers were too! This went along with our emoji for the week... Believe it or not, we are half way through the session! There are quite a few clubbers that are close to finishing their books, [...]

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