We finished up our Club 45 year with a bang! The kids enjoyed the usual Club Time at the beginning and then we launched into the real fun! The clubbers were divided into four teams to play four different games. The first game was Win, Lose or Draw and that was followed by a relay where the kids had to put on clothing items and then hula hoop three times. The third game was bouncing ping pong balls into trash cans and the last game – THE BEST – was the cheese ball game! Two of our bravest clubbers – Aidan Swaine and Meredith Wong – put on a swim cap and goggles and then had shaving cream spread all over the cap. Their team members had to toss cheese balls from a distance and try to get them to “stick” onto the shaving cream. The team with the most cheeseballs stuck to Aidan or Meredith’s head won. It was hilarious!!

After games, the clubbers enjoyed ice cream sundaes. The winning team got to line up first. :) While they enjoyed devouring their sundaes, we played the year end slide show. It was fun to see all the fun we’ve had this year; hard to believe it’s over?!

At the end of the night, we invited all our 5th graders on stage and presented them with a Certificate of Promotion; they are moving onto Oasis next year as 6th graders! We will miss them but look forward to bringing in our new 4th graders to Club 45. :)

Many of your kids indicated last week that they would like to get baptized. Stay tuned for information about the dates for the baptism class and the actual baptism (they will in April sometime).

Don’t forget to sign up your 4th graders for VBS: www.canyonsprings.org/vbs. Your 5th graders can be junior leaders this year; we’d love to have them! Stay tuned for information about a volunteer meeting.

Enjoy the rest of the school year and have a wonderful summer! It has been a blessing spending Monday nights with your kids this year!!

The Club 45 Team