Here, There, & Everywhere! Girls’ Dorm in Haiti!

Part of the Here, There, & Everywhere Campaign last year was an initiative to build a girls dorm in Haiti at Good Rest Orphanage.  In 2010, all their structures had been destroyed and this one last dorm was still needing to be rebuilt. Last week, Steve Denny, the CEO of Children’s Heritage Foundation sent Pastor Jack this picture of the final dorm in process of being built.  God had called Canyon Springs to invest in building this dorm and it’s coming to fruition. It’s going to have 2 big rooms besides the rooms for the girls that will house the small kids together so that they won’t feel alone. This has caused a huge celebration among the staff and the kids of Good Rest Orphanage as well as providing work to Good Rest’s local construction worker friends lead by our own John Ager.  It should be completed in the next 3 weeks. At Canyon Springs we are investing in God’s work around the world when we give to support the Canyon Springs Church (CSC) mission of It’s About The One!