New Building! What to Expect and Know Before You Go

It’s here! After 25+ years of desiring a permanent location, we finally have one! After no less than a half-dozen serious attempts at getting into our own space, we're blessed to have a new place called Home! No more “setup/teardown” church every week in a school, park, or wherever God took us over the last two and a half decades. [...]

A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell At Canyon Springs Our church has been in a series called “Get out of the boat,” detailing the faith Peter took when he stepped out of the boat to walk on water toward Jesus. From the beginning, this church has given my family great opportunities to step out of the boat. I will never forget the steps [...]

Merry Christmas! 2020 Year End

Generally, when posts and memes and tee-shirts reference 2020, they 1) point to how hard this year has been and 2) include one or more swear words to make the point. I have had more than a few moments when I have felt similar feelings about the world we live in now. Pandemic, racial tension, political unrest. I can understand [...]

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The Spirituality of Genesis (Interactive Guide)

Dive in with us each week as we explore the book of beginnings As we go through the book of Genesis as a congregation we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to not only read through the entire book but dive into the different theological and spiritual themes found in one of the most beautiful books in the Bible. [...]

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Neighborhood Church!

Canyon Springs Church! Are you ready to reconnect? As we emerge from our isolation, many of us are anxious to gather. Seeking human connection, we are hitting the beaches, going to restaurants and ready to get back to church. Some of us are more cautious. Not wanting to see a spike in cases of Covid-19, we are urging friends to continue [...]

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Canyon Springs Online Campus is LIVE!

Canyon Springs Online Campus is Live! Sundays @ 9:00am - Join Us! I never wanted to go to church simply because it had the word “church” in it. I thought of judgmental people and a building filled with pews and “holier than thou” sentiments. It is tough for people that are seeking faith or asking hard questions to come to [...]

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Thousand Pines Middle School Winter Camp 2020 Recap!

What a weekend! Our camps have been growing and we have LOVED hanging out with everyone! We took 70 students to Middle School Winter Camp...Incredible! This year we switched it up and went to Thousand Pines, a camp we've never been to before. This camp was incredible! Great amenities, fun activities and an overall fantastic experience. We will for sure [...]

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Winter X High School Winter Camp 2020 Recap!

Winter X 2020 was incredible. This year we did an open mic night. We have never really done this on Winter X but I felt God's leading in it. I am glad we did. As a Youth Pastor, I am constantly reminded what these kids are going through. So often, you do not really know because we are all good [...]

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Uganda 2019

It’s been 4 years since Canyon Springs Church has sent a team to Uganda.  It is an expensive trip and the travel is lengthy.  I told myself before leaving, “Embrace this trip, it is a privilege to be able to leave my country and travel half-way across the world, chances are you won’t be back this way again.”    Although [...]

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A Glance Back at Freedom Challenge ~ 2019

Over the mountains and through the woods . . .  Seven team members from Canyon Springs Church did not head to Grandma’s house but rather chose to face a challenge bigger than a wolf. The immensity of modern day slaver is overwhelming.  Slavery exists on every continent, in almost every country.  It comes in many forms, including trafficking, child marriage, [...]

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