This Week

We are ON for midweeks. We will be at the Cove from 730-9PM talking through the questions we answered on Sunday in our series “IDK.” Want to hear about the questions we answered? See below.

Next Week

We have our annual City Search Halloween Event. This is an awesome event. Check it out by clicking HERE

On the Radar

Camp Sunday:

Camp Sunday is on November 3rd. Camp Sunday is a dedicated Sunday service that is centered all around CAMP! We will have a camp style game, camp themed message and we will be showing the video from last year. This is a great Sunday to invite a friend that may be interested in going to Winter X Camp this year. SIGNUPS WILL START THAT DAY at 12PM!!!

Winter Camp Dates: February 14-17, 2020 

Summer Camp Houseboats Dates: July 12-17, 2020

Want to serve at Canyon Springs?

We are always looking for people that love to serve! Currently, we are looking for a couple of people to join the hospitality team in main service. This is an easy commitment of once a month for one service a month. Incredibly doable and an amazing way to meet new people. Are you interested or want more information? Check this opportunity out by clicking HERE

Winning at Home

***This section will always have something for YOU as the parent. It may be a blog I read somewhere or an article from the internet. Sometimes it will be something from me directly or a recap of a current message we went through at church***

Here is an article by Doug Fields that I think is really solid when it comes to parenting. I have always loved Doug’s content. He was the Youth Pastor at Saddleback Church and is now a really big voice not only in Youth Ministry but parenting and marriage as well. His website always has great articles.

Be a AAA Parent

When I’m asked about what parents can do everyday (besides praying) that can make a huge difference in their kids’ lives, I tell them three things that can make them “AAA Parents.”

Affection. Everyone needs affection to thrive, but kids want affection from their parents. I’m convinced that one of the reasons teenagers are so sexually promiscuous (especially girls) is because they lack affection from the significant male figure in their life. My parents were great, but they weren’t overly affectionate, so I chose to change the script in how I parented. I pour affection on my kids through hugs, back rubs, and snuggling during TV time.

Affirmation. Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on one good compliment.” Unfortunately, many kids go two months without any genuine affirmation from their parents. Through their words parents yield so much power to shape their kids. Imagine your child has a bank account and each encouragement, affirmation, positive comment, intentional and personal word of kindness is a deposit of a penny to their account. Each negative comment is like withdrawing a quarter. How is your child’s bank account doing?

Attention. Simply stated, this means parents need to focus and engage on what’s happening in their kids’ lives. Giving kids attention means more than popping by their bedroom and waving goodnight — it means tucking them in. It means more than asking how their day went — it means asking and really listening to the answer and then asking more questions. It means more than making sure they get homework done — it means helping and coaching in a way that they feel confident and empowered. Kids need to feel that they matter to their parents!

Parenting isn’t easy. Intentional parenting is even more difficult, but the rewards your child will reap through affection, affirmation and attention are worth the difficulty it takes for parents to make these into daily habits!


I am praying and rooting for you and your family,

Chad Richards

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