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Chad Richards is the Lead Pastor at Canyon Springs Church. Chad holds a B.A. in Religion, Ministry, and Leadership from Vanguard University. He also holds a Master of Theological Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Studies from Bethel University and Seminary. Chad and his wife Megan, have two daughters, Ayven and Sage. Chad likes surfing, movies, reading, and officiating weddings.

Stakeholders (A Message From Pastor Chad)

Stakeholders of Canyon Springs Hi Everyone, I wanted to get this message out to you. If you missed Sunday, I want to catch you up on a few things. First, the Niners deserved to win that game! Now, let's move on to more important matters. On Sunday, I introduced our new Stakeholders "membership." Membership used to be a big thing [...]

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Year End 2023

I am grateful to be your pastor. One of my favorite moments is simply sitting in my new office, sipping coffee, crafting meaningful messages (or attempting to!) However, one day, while enjoying my little haven, I received an unexpected knock on the door. It was a dear friend from Canyon Springs. I wondered why he had come. Did he have [...]

Oasis Staff Change

Hey All, This morning Pastor Jack shared with the congregation that we are moving the High School group in a different direction and Luke Angus will no longer be leading it. You can see that announcement HERE and fast-forward to the 57:43 spot where Pastor Jack fills everyone in. A couple things: Luke is an amazing man of God and [...]

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The Spirituality of Genesis (Interactive Guide)

Dive in with us each week as we explore the book of beginnings As we go through the book of Genesis as a congregation we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to not only read through the entire book but dive into the different theological and spiritual themes found in one of the most beautiful books in the Bible. [...]

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Canyon Springs Online Campus is LIVE!

Canyon Springs Online Campus is Live! Sundays @ 9:00am - Join Us! I never wanted to go to church simply because it had the word “church” in it. I thought of judgmental people and a building filled with pews and “holier than thou” sentiments. It is tough for people that are seeking faith or asking hard questions to come to [...]

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Oasis In The Water Blog – High School (Week of 3/24)

This Week Hey Parents I want to get this out ASAP so I am keeping it short. Make sure your High Schooler joins us WEDNESDAY NIGHT on ZOOM for our first ever virtual service. We have spent a lot of time prepping this and it is incredible. We are going to have games, giveaways, a guest speaker that they are [...]

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Oasis In The Water Blog – High School (Week of 3/9)

This Week We are on for midweeks at the COVE and are continuing our series on friendships. See below for what we have covered so far and how to continue the conversation at home! We have baptisms at church this Sunday. If your student is ready and wants to get baptized please email me at [email protected] Next Week We will [...]

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Oasis In The Water Blog – High School (Week of 3/2)

This Week We are back on for midweeks at the COVE and are starting a series on friendships. How to be a good friend, pick good friends and break relationships that are unhealthy. Next Week We will have church on Sunday and midweeks next week! On the Radar We have our 2020 Spring Calendar LIVE. You can access it by [...]

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Peter Denies Jesus-Station 1

Luke 22: 54-62 Peter Denies Jesus-Station 1 Peter followed at a distance. And when some there had kindled a fire in the middle of the courtyard and had sat down together, Peter sat down with them.   A servant girl saw him seated there in the firelight. She looked closely at him and said, “This man was with him.” But [...]

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Thousand Pines Middle School Winter Camp 2020 Recap!

What a weekend! Our camps have been growing and we have LOVED hanging out with everyone! We took 70 students to Middle School Winter Camp...Incredible! This year we switched it up and went to Thousand Pines, a camp we've never been to before. This camp was incredible! Great amenities, fun activities and an overall fantastic experience. We will for sure [...]

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