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About Chad Richards

Chad Richards is the Youth Pastor at Canyon Springs and oversees our High School and Middle School ministries. Chad holds a B.A. in Religion, Ministry and Leadership from Vanguard University and a Masters of Theological Studies with and Emphasis in Biblical Studies from Bethel University and Seminary. Chad and his wife Megan have two daughters, Ayven and Sage, and they love sharing the message of God’s word. Chad likes surfing, mountain bike riding, reading and movies!

Oasis In The Water Blog – High School (Week of 8/19)

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the new Oasis Blog format. We are changing up the way we communicate to everyone (I.e. no more direct emails from me) New "Newsletter" Format As I previously mentioned, we are no longer going to directly email everyone the weekly information. It was too cumbersome, and too hard to manage a list of new, incoming users [...]

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Creekside Summer Camp 2019 Recap!

Creekside 2019 was one for the books! We ate far too much ice cream, stayed up way too late, and danced so much that we overheated the projector in the Chapel! In the midst of all the fun, students were able to form connections with their friends, their leaders, and most importantly, the Lord. With 15 kids committing their lives [...]

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Houseboats Summer Camp 2019 Recap!

Houseboats 2019 was truly the best trip I have had with Canyon Springs. We had great weather, no storms, no injuries and God moved powerfully in the lives of students, leaders and staff. "But this camp, I feel like I can be real" My favorite story from Houseboats was the conversation I had with three students. They were talking about [...]

Winter X High School Winter Camp 2019 Recap!

Winter X 2019 was incredible. Especially for one specific student. He called me the night before we left and asked if he could go. "My tournament got rained out and I think I can go now." This was a newer kid that just started coming around church maybe 4 months before. He had never been on a trip with us [...]

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Alpine Middle School Winter Camp 2019 Recap!

Alpine 2019 was such a blast! With 64 kids signed up, we surpassed our goals and ended up taking more students to Alpine than ever before. We took two massive buses up the mountain for a weekend full of connection with friends, leaders, and the Lord. Through the course of the weekend, we focused on the theme "If You Really [...]

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Houseboats Summer Camp 2018 Recap!

HOUSEBOATS 2018 Houseboats 2018 was one for the record books. Our annual trip has grown over 300%, from 70 to 200 kids in just 4 years!  What is drawing these high schoolers to make Houseboats THE trip for them and their friends each summer? Is it the tubing? The wake surfing? The cliff jumping (that does give them a healthy [...]

Creekside Summer Camp 2018 Recap!

  CREEKSIDE  2018 I think 64 middle schoolers and a race to eat a 30 person sundae at camp says it all --messy, sweet, great.  Creekside 2018 was a blast. The God takeaways were epic. Ministry to middle schoolers is definitely different than to high schoolers.  One key takeaway happened during cabin time with a group of 7th grade boys, [...]

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Alpine Middle School Winter Camp 2018 Recap!

Alpine 2018 was a blast. We provided games, they made friends, and well, there was lots of sugar.  But the most important part was that we wanted the kids to meet Jesus... One of the ways our kids met Jesus at Alpine was thru the one on ones that took place with their leaders.  This was my highlight for the [...]

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