‘Twas the first day of December, and guess who appeared,
Why Santa, of course, with his famous white beard.
With the help from his Elves, the Holly Jolly Bash was planned,
The children had a blast, ’twas absolutely grand!

We kicked off all things Christmas at Canyon Springs with our Holly Jolly Christmas Bash. The kids started the morning by hearing the story of Saint Nick- a man who loved Jesus and wanted to good with his wealth by giving gifts to women and children in need. Our Canyon Springs kids learned that Santa is fun because he comes and gives us gifts once a year but Jesus loves us EVERY day and that is the greatest gift of all.

The event gave families and kids the chance to get in the Christmas spirit and celebrate the Holiday with crafts, games, yummy treats, a hot chocolate bar, and SANTA!!! A great time was had by all. Thank you for joining us in kicking off this Holiday season.

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Thanks to CSC Team Member Blake Miller for the Santa Photos. Here are a few of our favorites!