Stakeholders of Canyon Springs

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get this message out to you. If you missed Sunday, I want to catch you up on a few things. First, the Niners deserved to win that game! Now, let’s move on to more important matters.

On Sunday, I introduced our new Stakeholders “membership.” Membership used to be a big thing at churches, but in the past ten to fifteen years, churches have drifted away from it. However, I believe that in our current cultural climate, membership is needed in churches. Let’s face it, your bowling league requires more commitment than most churches do. Where this is true, the church becomes a sad reflection of its culture. We live in a non-committal culture, but the Bible calls us to anything but low commitment. This Stakeholders group is going to be another step towards our vision “Max value=Full Participation.”

I could go on and on about this because I am very passionate about it, but instead, I decided to give a message on it :) If you were not there, you missed it! And if this is your church home, I actually believe this is a very important message for you to listen to. I would love it if you could do a few things:

              1.) My first ask would be that you listen to the entire Stakeholder message (30 minutes) found below.



             2.) However, if you cannot dedicate that much time, no problem. You can watch the section that is specifically about Stakeholders (10 minutes) by clicking HERE

            3.) Head over to our Stakeholders page and pray about becoming a Stakeholder.

Many of you are already Stakeholders and have been for years. THANK YOU for the ways you show up and pour into your local church. By being a Stakeholder, you are formalizing your commitment.

Others are newer to our church, and we are so glad you are here! Would you please read through what it means to be a Stakeholder and then pray about jumping in with us?

I mentioned this on Sunday: You do not need to be a Stakeholder to be invested in what God is doing at Canyon Springs. However, being a Stakeholder is a way to formalize your commitment to this church and so much more, which I share in the message.

I am praying for you and rooting for you.

All In,

Chad Richards