MOOD: Week 2 “Anger”

Have you ever heard the phrase “In My Feelings” this term is popular among teens and it means that we can get caught up in the eaves of our emotional highs and lows? Many of us who have been brought up in the church may have been taught to stuff our feelings. Or maybe we grew up with the opposite; being taught that “Whatever you feeling is okay”. Which is accurate? Are Emotions Bad? What does the Bible have to say about Emotions? These are the questions we seek to answer in our new sermon series MOOD.

Week 2: Anger
Although anger itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are good and bad ways to handle your anger. Anger doesn’t always look like outbursts of rage, it can often reveal itself through more subtle self-destructive behaviors. In this message, we discuss the source of anger, it’s side effects, and ways to overcome it.

GAG Night Locations!!

Next Wednesday is GAG Night! It stands for Girls and Guys Night Out! Here are the list of locations according to your student’s grade and gender!

12th Grade Girls: Pizza and a movie @ Donna Bozykowski House 11903 Zirbel Court
 Wednesday 7:30pm 

12th Grade Boys: Dinner with Larry 6:30 Location TBD

11th Grade Girls: Hot Fudge & Hot Tub @ Donna Skiles House: 9771 Caminito Pudregal Wednesday 7:30p

11th Grade Boys: TBD

10th Grade Girls: Burritos and FroYo @ Yogurt Heaven and Santanas Wednesday  7:30

9th Grade Girls: Starbucks Scripps Poway Pkwy/Pomerado (next to jersey mikes) Wednesday 7:30-8:30

9th & 10th Grade Boys: Flag football and Eat 3/22 Wednesday 5:30pm @ Community Park


Camp Wednesday is April 5th!

Come on over to OASIS on April 5th for camp Wednesday. This is the day where we talk all things camp and the link to sign up for Houseboats 2023 will be LIVE!   We will be heading back to Houseboats July 16th-21! Don’t miss out on the best week of the summer!

Parent’s Corner

Each week we will be linking an article here that we think might be helpful to you as you disciple your student throughout the year. We love being able to partner with the many amazing parents we have here at Canyon Springs! This week we have “7 Conversations to Have About Your Teen’s Mental Health” by Fuller Youth Institute 

This week we have “Why Christian Teens Have an Identity Crisis” by Sara Barratt from TGC


What’s Coming Up

Reminder: No Oasis the week of spring break 3/26, 3/29

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