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Hey All, This morning Pastor Jack shared with the congregation that we are moving the High School group in a different direction and Luke Angus will no longer be leading it. You can see that announcement HERE and fast-forward to the 57:43 spot where Pastor Jack fills everyone in. A couple things: Luke is an amazing man of God and [...]

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Sink or Swim Next Wednesday, 7/28, Full Hume Video Premiere! | OASIS in the Water: 7/21/2021

Sink or Swim Returns Next Wednesday with Extended Hours! Once again on Wednesday, July 28, we'll be back at our gracious hosts, The Lukes', swimming, hanging out, and eating burgers crafted by the great Larry Rupe himself. And not just that, but we're going to stay until 8:30 so that we have plenty of time (and darkness) to premiere the [...]

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Camp at the Cove is Coming! | Oasis Middle In The Water – 7/20/2021

Camp at the Cove, July 29th 6-8pm!! We are going to cram a week of camp into 2 hours!!  Camp recreation, team competition, shake shack, cabin time, worship and Jesus moments all at The Cove (9889 Hibert St. suite A).  We will end the night with our Forest Home Camp Video!!  Whether you were at camp or not,  you [...]

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Hume Highlights, Sink or Swim, Youth Sunday! | OASIS in the Water: 7/13/2021

Hume Highlights! When we said Hume was high energy, we weren’t joking! But hopefully your teenagers are beginning to get caught up on sleep from an amazing week at camp and have come out of their comas to begin to share stories. Whether they got a championship shirt or were just thrilled to not be last (we’re still proud of [...]

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Summer Dates! | Oasis Middle In The Water – 7/11/2021

Whats Next? Hey everyone, Jilane Hawkins here.  I am so excited to officially be leading our Oasis Middle School program.  I am looking forward to planning and executing activities and opportunities where students can experience and reflect Jesus in a safe and fun environment!!  This month I am taking the time to get to know and recruit volunteers that [...]

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Today’s the BIG Day! | Oasis Middle In The Water – 7/1/2021

Today's The BIG Day! The big day is finally here, and we’re ready to celebrate! It’s Pastor Jilane’s first day as our Middle School Pastor! She’ll be making a big splash of an entrance at tonight’s Sink or Swim at the Kaiser’s, 15708 Bacara Ct, San Diego, CA 92131 at 6pm. Bring $5 for pizza and drinks, or you [...]

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Oops! Sink or Swim Registration Link Corrected! | Oasis Middle In The Water – 6/13/2021

Oops! We've Corrected Our Sink or Swim Link! In yesterday's update, I discovered that the link for registration for this Thursday's Sink or Swim didn't go through! Sorry about that! You can now find that registration link here on our website, or by using our Church Center app. Also, I said there'd be burgers, but in fact, this one is [...]

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Our New Hero, Plus Sink or Swim Details! | Oasis Middle In The Water – 6/12/2021

Our New Hero! The secret identity of our new hero and Middle School Pastor has been revealed: It’s our very own Jilane Hawkins! For more info about her background, you can view the formal announcement here. But suffice it to say, she loves Jesus, she loves middle schoolers almost as much, and she’s an incredibly gifted teacher and leader. It [...]

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It’s Party Time! Plus, BIG NEWS! | Oasis Middle In The Water – 6/3/2021

It’s Party Time! Tonight is our last Midweeks here at Oasis Middle, and so it's party time! We’ll have popcorn, snocones, and cotton candy, along with a whole bunch of fun, outdoor activities in the alley, and then we’ll finish off the night in our small groups to finish off the school year.  But just because the school year [...]

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The End is Near! (And Our Fun is Just Beginning!) | Oasis HS In the Water: 6/02/2021

The End is Near! (And Our Fun is Just Beginning!) The end is near for OASIS Midweeks as we wrap up with our last one of the year tonight, so I wanted to send you a quick update, and let you know what’s coming up this week and this summer! Senior Night at Midweeks Tonight at our last Midweek of the [...]

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