Every 45 seconds a marriage ends in America. With it ends not only a covenant of love, but also the stability of a home, financial solidity, and a model of committed love for children to take into their own marriages.

Canyon Springs understands that committed marriages establish solid families, which build strong communities. Our church’s desire is to be a place where marriages are committed to serving Christ and each other, as well as creating relationships that thrive. We understand that strong churches build strong families and strong families build even stronger churches.

Canyon Springs Marriage Ministry currently offers the following marriage resources throughout the year:

  • Safehaven Workshop
    This 1-day workshop will be offered twice a year. The workshop is a blend of informative teaching, group discussion and individual couple processing provided by a marriage and family therapist. Here, a couple is able to receive a new understanding of how they argue and why they argue the way they do, as well as begin the process of healing the hurts that have accumulated and find new ways to talk, listen and understand each other.
  • MarriageSkills
    This workshop will be offered twice a year. MarriageSkills is designed to help couples discover the joy of marriage as God intended it to be. Using biblical truths as a foundation, this 12-session workshop helps couples build a solid marriage based on love, trust and intimacy.
  • Marriage Getaway
    This is an annual event where couples from Canyon Springs take time to get away, relax and work on their marriages. Couples will participate in a romantic weekend getaway with a divine purpose. The retreat is designed to help couples foster joy and intimacy by experiencing morning and evening seminars regarding God’s intentions and inclusion in their marriages, fellowshipping with other couples, and spending time alone with each other in a beautiful setting.

Upcoming Marriage Ministry Events

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