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What your Parents, Pastors, Professors and
Peers Didn’t Teach You

“If we just had a little bit more, our financial pressure would decrease.” Is this really true? Where should we look to get financial help? Did you know the Bible has more to say on money than anything else?
Most of us weren’t taught effective money management skills, much less healthy beliefs about money and possessions. This workshop is on biblical stewardship and effective money management based on timeless principles and practices found in the pages of Scripture. Even if you think you have your finances somewhat “under control” this workshop is for you too!

About the Workshop

Dave Wessels, Founder of Rock Financial Life at the Rock Church, is taking his 27 week course and condensing it into 2 x 3hr sessions for our Canyon Springs family. This workshop will provide you with the important tools to be a good steward of all God has entrusted you with. Even if you have your finances under reasonable control, Even if you have your finances under reasonable control, do you think God has anything to teach you about stewarding His resources?


  • What is a Steward?
  • Setting Biblical Financial Objectives & Goals
  • Making Wise Spending Decisions
  • Budgeting
  • Debt

Additional Details

  • Two Sundays: 9/18 & 9/25
  • Childcare Available
  • Course Workbook Included*
  • Snacks & Refreshments Provided

*Price for workshop is per Couple or Single Person. Each couple / registration will receive one workbook. You have the opportunity to purchase an additional workbook for $20 each.


Advanced registration is required. Please do so here.

About Instructor Dave Wessels

As a member of the Rock Church, Dave Wessels founded the Rock Financial Life (RFL) Ministry in 2004. Since its beginning, the “Everything About Money” series has been the most popular class series at the Rock, delivered more than 60 times over 12 years at Rock Church, reaching well over 9000 attendees. Dave spent 30 years as an IT consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, and currently serves as a partner and Operations Officer at a San Diego medical sales company.