High School Summer Camp “Houseboats” 2018

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Houseboats is an amazing trip. We are taking the High Schoolers to Lake Mead for an unforgettable week of house boating on the lake. With wake boarding, wake surfing, tubing, and much more. There is some fun to be had. At night the camp calms down. We then get together for some relevant messages, awesome worship, and fun games, this is a great high school camp that is designed for a week to experience God. Our prayers are that your student would connect with God, connect with each other and a leader, and have a camp where they can invite their non Christian friends.


  • Refunds: Available until 7/1/18 (These are strict and refunds cannot be given after this date. Please check your calendars to be sure you can attend)
  • To Save Your Spot: Turn in a $300 deposit and your medical registration below
  • Cost: $550
  • Balance due: 7/1/18. If Balance is not turned in by July 1st then attendee will be moved to waiting list. All camp balances must be paid prior to the trip.


  • Want to contribute towards a scholarship for a student that cannot afford camp? Give Below

Houseboats Summer Camp 2017 Video

Camp Scholarship Donations

The scholarship fund is supported by people like YOU that believe in the power of camp. If you want to contribute to these camps, you can make a donation using the registration form below. We thank you in advance because we know that the dollars you contribute will go directly towards changing the life of a student.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[intense_collapse title=”How do we get there?”]Safety is very important to us so we pay top dollar for Charter Bus Group to drive us. They are a national company and only provide the best of drivers and busses.[/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”Are there adults going?”]Yes, our leader to student ratio is 1 adult to every 3 students. Our adults range between the ages of 18-60. Half of them are parents just like you![/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”What kind of food will there be? Is food included in the price?”]Yes, food is included in the price. We have different meals every day. Eggs, cereal and the likes for breakfast. Burgers, pasta, tacos etc.. for dinner.[/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”Is it safe?”]Yes. We also bring registered nurses with us as well. The majority of our staff is CPR certified. Your student is in good hands. [/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”Who can come?”]Anyone that will be in High School as of Fall 2018 and all graduating seniors. We encourage our regulars to invite their friends.[/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”Will my kid make friends?”]Yes. This trip is big in connection. It is impossible to come on this trip and not come back with some connections. After all, you are living on an island with these people for a week…[/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”What marina are you going to?”]Callville Bay Marina – 100 Callville Bay Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120[/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”What is the weather like?”]Hot. We are in Nevada in the summer. When you get the packing list you will see that a personal refillable water bottle is required at check in. If you do not have one, you cannot get on the bus. We monitor water consumption heavily and make sure our young ones do not get dehydrated. [/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”What should I bring?”]We will send out a packing list a couple weeks before the trip. If you need to know now, lots of bathing suits and sunscreen to start![/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”Can I help others attend by donating?”]The scholarship fund is supported by people like YOU that believe in the power of camp. If you want to contribute to these camps, you can make a donation here.[/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”Can I bring my own wakeboard?”]Yes. Please let us know if you plan on doing so. [/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”What time do we leave and come back?”]That information will all be in the packing list, which will be sent out a couple weeks before the trip. Usually we meet around 6AM and return around 6-8PM.[/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”Who are the boat drivers?”]They are adults from our church that own boats. All of our boat drivers have over 15 years experience towing and boating.[/intense_collapse]
[intense_collapse title=”How can I help your staff make this trip successful?”]Thanks for asking! There is two things

  1. Please educate your teen on the importance of water consumption and listening to their leader prior to the trip. We talk about it a lot but if the parents could partner with us in this effort it really makes the student value these guidelines.
  2. If you can, contribute to the scholarship fund by clicking HERE. We have several kids every year that cannot afford camp but want to go. Many of these kids do not know Jesus in a personal way. This is a great way to help kids get to camp.


Additional Questions?

Contact our Youth Pastor Chad at [email protected] or 949-335-2101 or for any questions, or fill out an online inquiry form here.

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