You made it! This is the home page for OASIS Leaders. You are the chosen few that have access to this super secret and private and amazing resource. On the sidebar you can navigate through a couple of different things. Let me fill you in on what those are

-Oh dang midweeks is the page where you will find everything you need for the upcoming midweek from curriculum to program. Everything you need will be here to get you set up for a successful small group. As a leader, you need to check this by Tuesday evening to make sure you are headed in the right direction. I will have everything posted no later than Mondays at 6PM. At the bottom of the page you can submit questions you may have regarding midweeks. 🙏🏻  Go there Now

I want to get better is a page where I will update with some awesome resources that will help you become a better leader. Want to grow in your leadership? Check this page once a week for some new resources! At the bottom of the page you can submit a request to meet with me (chad) if you have anything you need to meet about regarding your ministry and life :) Go there Now

-Calendar is a page where I will have the things that you should have on your radar for the semester. This is a great way to stay in the know and at the bottom of the page you can submit questions you may have about our calendar! 🤠 Go there Now

Honestly guys what YOU DO matters. It really does. So many of us would not be where we are at with God if it wasn’t for the care and love of a mentor. How awesome that there will be several kids that will say that about YOU. Thanks for caring and leading the way you do and for being a good friend to me. You make OASIS what it is and I love working with you.

OASIS in the Water