REMINDER: Next week is our LAST Awana for this fall session. (We will start back up after the holidays on January 13, 2016). Next Wednesday will be PJ/MOVIE Night and we will start earlier – at 5pm!

This week was INSIDE OUT/BACKWARDS NIGHT!! Our clubbers and leaders came dressed in their wacky outfits all mixed up – it was great! Table time resulted in LOTS of new jewels and patches being awarded. A big shout out to Sal and Theo who, on their first night at Awana, flew through their intro booklets to get their shirt/vest, bags and books. Great job, boys!

During Counsel Time, we talked about why all the clubbers were out of school that day?! Because…. it was Veteran’s Day! We had all the kids stand up who have moms/dads/grandparents/aunts/uncles that have or are serving in the military. There were a lot of clubbers standing – we gave a big Awana shout out for their relatives; we are SO thankful for their service! We followed that with the Pledge of Allegiance and then proceeded to talk about the colors of the American flag. What do those colors stand for? Why wasn’t our flag made to be purple, green and yellow? First we learned what the colors – red, white and blue – stand for with regards to our country and THEN we talked about how those colors on the flag also remind us of Jesus. Ask your clubber to tell you what those colors mean!

Game Time was, of course, super fun! Based on the amount of noise and cheering we heard outside, we could tell they were have a great time!

Congrats to the BLUE team – they were our big color team winner!

We’ll see you all next Wednesday; it’s PJ/MOVIE Night and, as I indicated above, we will have an early start time, 5pm!

Have a great weekend!

The AWANA Team

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