We began Club 45 with Club Time.  There was football, wall ball and basketball happening outside while fooz ball, Guess Who, Bounce Off and ping pong were happening inside. So fun!

Our mixer was “10 Things in Common.” Clubbers were split into groups of 4-5 and each group had to come up with 10 things that everyone in the group had in common. The first team to finish got a treat (see the pic of Jerry and Kylee’s group below – the big winners!). Then.. we had every group share the one thing from their list that was the most unusual commonality. We decided the winner for that was the group that said they’ve all tried to do the splits! Good one!!

This week we introduced the Second Commandment: YOU SHALL NOT MAKE ANY IDOLS. We had an object lesson to illustrate this. There was a clear vase which represented our hearts. We then poured a little water into the tub for every character trait of God; this filled the vase all the way up! The children were asked to share all of the activities they love to do and that take up their time (sports, TV, video games, movies, music, dance, etc…); a few of the leaders also identified what they love and do and wrote them on rocks. We dropped the rocks into the tub of water and, as we added more rocks, the water spilled out of the top of the vase. Our conclusion was that sometimes things we love become like idols, crowding God out. We also talked to the clubbers about the difference between god (spelled with a lowercase “g”) and God (spelled with an uppercase “G”). Anything referred to as a “god” is a fake idol that will not bring us happiness or joy and is temporary; on the other hand, “God” is the one true God that is eternal, loves us unconditionally and will never leave us or forsake us.

We had a skit about two angels in a conversation about a boy named Joshua. These two angels were disappointed with the choices that Joshua made. See if your child can recall any of these.

Next it was small group time. We discussed how much time we spend with God and how much time we spend on other stuff. That does not mean that we cannot enjoy these activities; it just means that God should be our number one priority.

During closing, Ms. Betsy talked a little about Junior Winter Camp. This is an amazing opportunity and a highlight for all our kids that go! You will be receiving an email this week with a little more information and an opportunity to respond as to your child’s interest level. We will start taking deposits in just a few weeks. To see last year’s video and read more, you can go to our website:


 Our verse for the week is:

“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or on the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God, am a jealous God”

Exodus 20:4  

Every week there will be a weekly verse to memorize.  Your child will be rewarded with a sweet treat for each verse committed to memory.  Have them find Ms. Michelle to recite the verse during Club Time.

 Our challenge verse is our Club 45 Theme Verse: Psalms 1:1-3 (It’s on the first page of their workbooks.) If this is memorized there will be a onetime reward for all who take this on.

HOORAY to all of these clubbers that memorized the Club Verse:


Have a great week; see you next Monday!

 Thank you,

The Club 45 team