We began Club 45 with Club Time.  This is a time where the children are free to choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor games or just hang out and get to know each other.

During Club Teaching Time, we started out by talking about our Club Verse – Psalm 1:1-3. We divided the kids into six groups and gave each group a portion of the verse. They had to discuss what that part means to them and put it in their own words to share with the rest of the group. This was really helpful to fully understand the meaning of some of the phrases and how we can apply it our lives.

Next, Ms. Betsy introduced the first of the Ten Commandments: YOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME. She talked about how the Israelites had come to their new land from Egypt; the Egyptians were polytheistic, which means they worshipped many gods (Definition: Poly=many; theos=god). God made this the first commandment because He wanted to establish with His chosen people that He was their one and only authority and they were to worship Him alone.  While we do not encounter polytheism today in the same way the Israelites did, there are many ways that “other gods” are present in our culture. We decided that we were going to be “spiritual traffic lights” to see how this shows up in our day to day life. Each clubber was given three cards: red, yellow and green. We then split up into groups and performed skits. After each skit, the rest of the clubbers had to hold up the corresponding traffic card to decide if the skit portrayed worshipping God alone (green card), not sure or borderline (yellow card) or definitely not worshipping God alone (red card). Some of the skits were; praying to our grandma in heaven to helps us here on earth (Isaiah 8:19), Reading your horoscope just for fun (Isaiah 47:13), Being at a slumber party and the kids gathering around a candle to talk to ghosts (Deuteronomy 18:12), seeking a medicine man for healing (Exodus 15:26).

Some of these skits/situations seem a little tricky. We encourage you to look up these verses in the Bible with your child and discover together what you feel God would want from us. Ultimately, we need to ask Jesus to touch our hearts and to make us more aware of compromising situations. We want our children to have spiritual detectors to worship God. God, who stands alone and is worthy, to be worshipped!!

Our small group time was shorter than usual but they had good discussions nonetheless.

We ended our time by talking about a CODE WORD. Sometimes your children can be in a compromising position that is difficult to get out of. We talked about having a code word so that when they call home you will know to make an excuse to come and get them. For example… your child is at a slumber party where they want to try and talk to ghosts around a candle. Your child might call home and ask you to “feed their fish”. You, as parents will know this means to come and get them so your child will not be embarrassed.

Every week there will be a weekly verse to memorize.  Your child will be rewarded with a sweet treat for each verse committed to memory.  Have them find a leader to recite the verse during “Club Time”.

Our verse for this week is:

And God spoke all these words, ‘I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other God’s before me’”

Exodus 20:1-3  

Our challenge verse is our Club 45 Theme Verse: Psalms 1:1-3 (It’s on the first page of their workbooks.) If this is memorized there will be a one-time reward for all who take this on. HOORAY FOR AUDREY JOHNSONMEREDITH WONG AND AVA CHAMBERS FOR BEING THE FIRST ONES THIS YEAR TO SAY THE CLUB VERSE FOR MEMORY!!!

Thank you,

The Club 45 team