This was our LAST week of Club 45 until January; we’ll start back after camp, on January 23rd.

We had a super fun night celebrating the end of our fall session! It started out with Club Time, as usual, but it was shortened – because we had lots of other activities to do!

First, we made sure all the clubbers had their dancing shoes on because it was time to learn a new song & dance! In light of the study that we are doing, we learned the “Ten Commandment Boogie.” Here’s the link to the song so your clubber can show you all the moves… :)


Our Mix-Master, Ms. Noreen, was up next to lead us in some awesome games. First we played the bubble gum game. The clubbers got into groups of five with a leader in charge of each group; then each person got a piece of bubble gum. The first person in each group to blow a bubble got to come on stage. Then we had a final contest among the group winners. Our bubble-blowing winner of the night was…JOSHUA JOHNSON! Next, Ms. Noreen passed out candy bracelets. The clubbers had to eat the candy bracelet – while it was on their wrist and without using their other hand. The winner from each group came on stage to participate in the last contest.. marshmallow mouth! Ms. Noreen gave each of the final nine 3 marshmallows to put in their mouth. Without eating or swallowing the marshmallows, they had to each say clearly into the microphone, “Ten Commandment Boogie.” Those that did that got one more marshmallow added in their mouth and had to say it again. Some of the clubbers were able to tolerate a mouthful of marshmallows better than others, but the big winner – and she crushed it – was….HAILEY DEMAREST!

After the games, the clubbers lined up to get their snack mix. Then we watched about a half hour of America’s Funniest Videos. Does anyone ever tire of watching those?! They were really funny!

Our challenge verse is our Club 45 Theme Verse: Psalms 1:1-3 (It’s on the first page of their workbooks.) If this is memorized there will be a onetime reward. HOORAY TO KEIRA TINKLENBERG, OLIVIA LOPEZ AND NICK LUKASIK WHO MEMORIZED THE CLUB VERSE THIS WEEK!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Club 45 families! It has been such a blessing spending Monday nights with your amazing children! We are excited to resume in January to finish out the last five of the Ten Commandments! :)

Thank you,

The Club 45 team