We began Club 45 with Club Time.  This is a time where the children are free to choose from a variety of games and just hang out.

Our mixer was a partner game where they had to pair up and do whatever Ms. Noreen called out (put forehead to shoe, finger to nose, back to back, etc). We did a few rounds of this with different partners; they all got to know someone new!

During Club Teaching Time we learned the Seventh Commandment – Be True to Your Husband or Wife.

Our focus with this commandment was on broken promises.  We touched on adultery and explained it like this; “adultery is falling in love with a person one is not married to.”  Then we discussed the importance of learning the concept of being true to your friends – and eventually your spouse.  If we practice keeping our promises to our friends and family now, then when we are older, habits have already been formed.

We also recognized that many of us come from broken marriages. Three important facts were addressed: #1 Broken promises in a marriage are between the husband and wife, not the children. #2 Our parents who have broken marriages are not bad people, we all break promises in our life. #3 We are so fortunate to have a God who can heal our hearts and redeem any situation through the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

We had a partner demonstration of how important it is to support each other…even if we do some crazy things.  Some kids quacked like a duck while others were singing Happy Birthday opera style.  All and all they kept their promises by standing by their partner!

Our story “A Better Offer” was about a boy named Caleb who was invited to one birthday party and then later got a better offer.  Ask your child what Caleb did and if he kept his promise.

We finished our time with our small groups where we further discussed the topic of keeping our promises.

During Closing Time, each child was given a plate with ten pretzel sticks. Ms. Betsy went through each of the ten commandments and, whoever had NOT kept that commandment perfectly their whole life had to break their pretzel in two. After going through all 10 commandments, everyone had a mess of pretzel pieces on their plate! Then Ms. Betsy held up two unbroken pretzels in the shape of a cross and talked about how Jesus died on two pieces of wood so that our sins – our brokenness – could be redeemed and forgiven. He who had never broken a commandment took all our sins upon himself in order that all our “broken pretzels” could be put back to perfection once again. Thank you, Jesus, for your love and forgiveness!

Our verse for the week is:

You shall not commit adultery.”  Exodus 20:14

Every week there will be a verse to memorize.  Your child will be rewarded with a sweet treat for each verse committed to memory.  Have them find their leader to recite the verse during Club Time.

Our challenge verse is our Club 45 Theme Verse: Psalms 1:1-3 (It’s on the first page of their workbooks.) If this is memorized there will be a onetime reward for all who take this on. Remember to find a leader at the beginning of Club 45!

Please ask and prompt your child to elaborate further on the Monday night activities. It’s a pleasure spending Monday nights with them!

The Club 45 Team