Our winter session of Club 45 kicked off with a bang last night! Our 4th & 5th graders braved the rain to join us for a super fun night. We did miss those who didn’t make it back and look forward to reconnecting with them when they return!

We began Club 45 with “Club Time”; this is a perfect time to reconnect with the kids! They get to choose from a variety of games and just hang out.

Our first mixer was Rock/Paper/Scissors – with the whole group! The kids and leaders paired up, did rock/paper/scissors three times to determine a winner and it dwindled down to a final winner – Bryce Wiley! Our second mixer was a version of musical chairs – without chairs. The winners of this game were Ava and Bella Chambers!

During Club Teaching Time, we reviewed our club verse (Psalm 1:1-3). Then we reviewed the first five commandments that we learned in the fall:

  1. You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me
  2. You Shall Not Make Idols
  3. Speak God’s Name With Respect
  4. Set Aside A Special Day for God
  5. Honor Your Mother and Father (Our favorite!)

Next we learned the Sixth Commandment – You Shall Not Kill.  We talked about how all human life is precious to God.

We had a demonstration of how the human mind cannot process two competing voices.  It needs to turn off one in order to hear the other.  This is true in our relationship with God.  We cannot claim life is precious and fill our minds with violence.

Our world loves violence and our kids are faced with these choices on a regular basis.  Next, we talked about the areas in our lives that we come in contact with violence.  (TV, music, game boys, movies, news, books…etc. just to name a few!)

Did you know… Much violence is result of watching TV violence. The average American child has watched 100,000 acts of television violence, including 8,000 depictions of murder by the time he or she finishes 6th grade.

We taught the kids that God wants us to “Say no to violence and yes to life!!”

We also talked about the importance of being “proactive”.  Having a game plan ahead of time makes these situations less frequent.  Go over the boundaries with your child so they can let their friends know ahead of time.  I always tell my child, “Make me the bad guy”.  Tell your friend, “My mom won’t let me.”

God wants us to keep our minds as pure as possible. Clubbers were given a list of verses to help encourage them. Help them look them up in their Bible; they are listed here for you convenience. Proverbs 4:18, Philippians 1:27, 2 Timothy 4:5a, Hebrews 4:13, 1 Peter 1:13, 1 Peter 2:11

We finished our time in small groups where we discussed what to do when we’re exposed to violence and/or in sticky situations.

Our verse for the week is:

You shall not murder.”  Exodus 20:13

Every week there will be a verse to memorize.  Your child will be rewarded with a sweet treat for each verse committed to memory.  Have them find the Verse Checkers to recite the verse during “Club Time”.

Our challenge verse is our Club 45 Theme Verse: Psalms 1:1-3 (It’s on the first page of their workbooks.) If this is memorized there will be a onetime reward for all who take this on.

Remember to have your child bring their Club 45 folder! If your child chose to keep their folder at home over the break, please try and find it and have them bring it next week.

It was great to be back with your amazing children!

The Club 45 Team