We began, as usual, with Club Time.  There was a basketball game going outside while limbo, Apple to Apples and Connect Four were happening inside.

Our mixer was a team activity. The clubbers were divided up and each team had to pick one person that was best at each of the following: jumping the highest, dancing, longest middle name, sit ups and blowing a bubble.  Then the “best” of each team competed doing their tricks, for an overall winner. Our big winners were:

  • Jumping – Natalie Cooper
  • Sit Ups – Sophia Speziale
  • Dancing – Andrew Knight
  • Middle Name – Aidan (Bartholomew) Swaine
  • Blowing a Bubble – Hailey Demarest

Check out the pics – it was really fun!

During Club Teaching Time we learned the Ninth Commandment; You Shall Not Lie.

What is a lie? It is anything that misleads or tricks someone into believing something that is not true.

There are different ways people can lie

  • Pretending to be a certain way that you’re not.
  • Gossip can be lying — saying something unkind about someone when you aren’t sure it is true.
  • Exaggeration is lying — telling a story better (or worse) than it really happened. (Yikes! There’s a spider the size of a football!)
  • Making promises you know you cannot keep is another way of lying.

Why do people lie? People lie mostly out of fear  – fear of other people, embarrassment, consequences.

We told a story about a boy named Jack. During the story, the clubbers partnered up and sat in a circle facing each other. One of the partners wrapped yard around the other’s ankles every time they heard something dishonest in the story. What we discovered is that one little lie leads to another and another and another! By the end of the story, Jack was “wrapped up” in all his lies – and the clubbers were “wrapped up” too, such that that they couldn’t even move! Telling lies can build up into a web of lies that bury us in guilt and dishonesty.  God wants us to “always tell the truth!!”

We finished up with small groups where we expanded on the evening’s lesson.

We closed our time playing a game with our leaders “Two Truths and a Lie” where the kids tried to guess which statement was a lie.

Our verse for the week is:

You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”  Exodus 20:16

Every week there will be a verse to memorize.  Your child will be rewarded with a sweet treat for each verse committed to memory.  Have them find the Verse Checkers to recite the verse during Club Time. Our challenge verse is our Club 45 Theme Verse: Psalms 1:1-3 (It’s on the first page of their workbooks.)

Each week your child should come with their workbooks and their Bibles!


Have a great week!

The Club 45 Team