Next week (3/20) we will have a party!!!

After starting out the night with Club Time, we played a game where the clubbers sat in a circle and tossed the ball to another person. They had to say that person’s name and something nice about them. It was a perfect game to do at the end of our club year when the kids definitely know each other better!

During Club Teaching Time we reviewed the Ten Commandments as a group. Each of the commandments was posted around the room; the group started in front of the first commandment. We recited it together and then Ms. Betsy read from a story called Dallas Understands. If they had broken the commandment from the story, then the children received a red mark on one of their fingers. At the end, most had dots on each of their fingers. Then they each received a red cross with permanent marker in the center of their palms, symbolizing Jesus dying on the cross. We had bowls of water at the front; each child washed their hands and said out loud, “My sin is real.” When they wiped their hands with paper towels, the red marks on their fingers were gone – but the mark representing Jesus remained. Jesus forgives our sins when we have Him in our life.

We ended our time talking about being a part of God’s family, re-committing our hearts and discussing what baptism is. We gave an opportunity for the children to accept Jesus into their life or to recommit their hearts to Jesus. We use the A, B, C prayer: Admit we are sinners and that we cannot live a life worthy of eternal life. Believe that God sent His only, perfect Son to die for our sins and rose on the third day to take away our sin. Confess and agree that we need Jesus to come into our lives and be the bridge to salvation (eternal life with Jesus). During this prayer time, the following decisions were made:

  • 19 CLUBBERS MADE RECOMMITMENTS TO FOLLOW AND GROW IN JESUS. (These children have already accepted Jesus but felt that they needed to get back on track and keep Jesus strong in their lives every day. These children prayed that they would try and grow in their faith in Jesus.)
  • 19 CHILDREN EXPRESSED THAT THEY WANT TO BE BAPTIZED. (When we ask Jesus into our hearts, we are making a personal decision. Baptism is a public decision of letting our friends and family know that we are choosing to live our life for Jesus. Canyon Springs will be having a church-wide baptism on at the end of April (stay tuned for the exact date). Prior to that, we will have a class for your children who want to be baptized or wish to understand more about what baptism is.)

What an amazing time for Club 45!!

If your child was not here on Monday night or has an interest in getting baptized and/or attending the baptism class, please email me at: [email protected].

Weekly Verse: The more we know of God’s laws, the clearer it becomes that we aren’t obeying them; His laws serve only to make us see that we are sinners    Romans 3:20b

See you next week for Party-Time!!

The Club 45 Team