Superhero Sunday was a smashing success! One might say our church campus was WELL protected with the array of superheroes that were present and in uniform! After each service, the kids flooded the multi-purpose room to enjoy lots of different activities – face painting, jumping in the Monster Truck bounce house, carnival games, photo booth and much more. Before they entered, though, they had the opportunity to show that they were not only superheroes – but SUPER givers! Over the last few weeks, our Canyon Springs kids have been working hard to earn extra money at home to help us fill a food pantry in Megere, Haiti. There were five containers that they could pour their change into – boy, did they fill up fast! We were so excited to find out how much money these kids earned, and it ended up being more than we could have imagined:


This will fill the Megere food pantry for 6-8 months! What a blessing to see our kids learning the value of giving – and how much fun it can be!

[bctt tweet=”We raised enough donations to fill the Megere food pantry for 6-8 months” username=”canyon_springs”]

Also, one of the games – “Are you a superhero mastermind?” involved having kids guess how many jolly ranchers were in the big bottle. And we have a winner – ASHLEY KAISER! She guessed the exact number – 153. Great job, Ashley! We have a lot of jolly ranchers to deliver to you!


Check out these photos from the day as well as the from the photo booth. Thank you to Blake Miller and his team for the photos.

Photobooth Photos