What a great start to the Club 45 year! The night started out with “Club Time”, where the kids get to pick from different games and activities: Apples to Apples, Connect Four, ping pong, football, basketball. Around 6:25pm, we all moved inside for group games; our weekly games & mixers are organized by our resident Mixmaster, Noreen Ippolito! All the clubbers gathered in a circle and had to remove ONE shoe and throw it in the middle. We played music while the kids and leaders walked around in a circle; when the music stopped, the kids had to grab one shoe and find its owner. Once they found the owner of the shoe, they had to introduce themselves and find out the other person’s birthday. We played a few rounds of this – until we just couldn’t take the smell anymore?! :)

Next was our worship time. Sterling Hawkins played the guitar and lead us in singing two worship songs; our high school girl leaders taught us the hand motions from the stage.

Before we started our teaching time, we handed out the Club 45 folders. The folders contain:

  • Club 45 Rules (Respect property, Understand Confidentiality, Listen to others, Every question is okay and Speak with Kindess)
  • Club Verse (Psalm 1:1-3)
  • Weekly Verses
  • Pages for notes

Please have your child bring their folder every week! It is a critical part of our lesson time and small groups. 

We were greeted by an unexpected guest for teaching time… Chef Tellzeetruth. :) She’s from France and she came to tell us all about her famous fruit salad – and even give us the recipe. This was a unique and fun way to kick off our lesson series for this year: the Fruits of the Spirit! The chef also taught us hand motions to learn all the fruits of the spirit – see if your child can show you!

The clubbers then split up into small groups to learn more about what the fruits of the spirit are from a Biblical perspective and why they are important to our Christian life. They were challenged to share the one “fruit” that is most difficult for them and how they can work on that this week.

We are so excited to spend Monday nights with your kids and we look forward to seeing them all again next Monday!

Have a great weekend!

The Club 45 Team