Who Are Parent Shepherds?

Parent Shepherds are people that feel called to partner with the youth group at Canyon Springs and offer their time, support, and encouragement to a group of students and their small group leaders. You are the Youth Groups go to parents. If they need last minute rides for kids to events or help with snacks etc, you are the ones we will reach out to first!!


  • Pray for the small group you have adopted (list will be provided)
    • Every parent shepherd will have a group they are constantly praying for (groups are separated by gender and grade (ex: 9th grade boys or 10th grade girls)
  • Open your home to the group twice a year. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring. These will happen on the night of small group and the group will go to your home instead of small group. You can provide a snack, dinner, drinks really as much or as little as you want. The purpose is to hang with the group and for them to get to know you. We will provide questions for you to cover with the kids and leaders (most groups are around 6-10 kids)
  • Reach out to the small group leaders of the group you shepherd once a quarter. Typically there are 2-3 leaders you will be reaching out with. The purpose is to talk to them about how you can pray for them and just see how they are doing and be mentoring the leaders along the way. You can always be more involved with this aspect but we want you reaching out at least once every quarter.
  • When we have Parent Cafe’s you help us invite parents. We will provide you with emails.
    • Parent Cafes: Parent nights when we have a night dedicated specifically to the parents. We will bring in educational speakers to talk about different topics centered around youth. We hope to have two a year. One in the Fall and one in the Spring. They will be on either WED or THUR nights.
  • Communicate with Chad
  • The minimum commitment is one school year.

Our hope is that this ministry would be a gap between our youth/youth leaders and our loving adults at Canyon Springs. We value pouring into the next generation and this ministry will be one way that we can live out this value.

Dates for 2018-2019 School Year

-Parent Shepherd Meeting on 9/4 at the cove from 545-630PM. 
-9/27 Parent Cafe at the Cove with Hannah Branch MFT: Anxiety, depression and stress in teens (help recruit support and attend)

-11/7 for (HS) and 11/8 for (MS) Meet your small group leaders. Come to the cove to meet and greet with the small group leaders of your group. Please bring them dinner!

-11/14 (HS) and 11/15 (MS) Open House night (open homes to kids and small group)

-4/25 Parent Cafe (help recruit support and attend)

-5/8 (HS) and 5/9 (MS) Open House night (open homes to kids and small group)

How To Get Involved?

Simple. Reach out to [email protected] directly, or fill-out this online form:

    You will be added to our general email list which we use to send out newsletters, announcements, news & events, etc. We will never sell, rent or give away your information and and you will be able to Opt-out at any time.