Kirsten Loy spent 7+ years as our Youth Pastor at Canyon Springs Church and on Sunday, 8/10/14 we honored her. These images were taken during and after 2nd Service. 1st Service was just as touching and memorable.

As a faith community we have been abundantly blessed with the commitment and passion Kirsten has for the Lord and for our youth. Over the last seven years, she has dedicated endless hours pouring into our teens, partnering with parents and supporting every aspect of raising up a child in Christ.

Photo Gallery: Kirsten’s Farewell

Youth Tribute Video

Some of the youth who were touched by Kirsten made a video tribute / thank you.

Kirsten’s complete availability, encouragement and prayers for our young men and women have had a profound effect on their lives. We have countless college students who grew up under Kirsten’s ministry and now intimately grasp the importance of Kirsten’s signature statement:

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

These young adults are now thriving and are on fire for the Lord! Thank you, Kirsten, for answering the Lord’s call. You and your beloved family are a blessing to Canyon Springs Church.