It’s here! After 25+ years of desiring a permanent location, we finally have one! After no less than a half-dozen serious attempts at getting into our own space, we’re blessed to have a new place called Home! No more “setup/teardown” church every week in a school, park, or wherever God took us over the last two and a half decades. With any new home, there are many new things and questions.

  • New Location / Address
  • Who is FLC (Family Life Church)?
  • Parking (Attendees & Staff/Volunteers)
  • Where to Go Once Inside
  • After Service

Remember two important things: we are JUST moving in, like a few days ago. And technically, this is a soft launch since there are still areas in progress and unfinished (We will have a formal “Grand Opening” next month.)

New Location / Address

We are located at the front/end unit of a multi-tenant building that includes a handful of other businesses and organizations, so it is important to know that we have neighbors, unlike Marshall Middle School, where we practically had the place to ourselves. Thankfully, they are not generally ‘open’ on the weekends, so Sunday mornings should be mostly ‘ours.’

Canyon Springs Church
10695 Treena St, Ste 101
San Diego, CA 92131

Map to Canyon Springs Church

Who is FLC?

You will see and hear “FLC” or “Family Life Church” throughout our transition. You’ll see their name on some signage and internet listings until we get it changed. FLC was the previous tenant, and we took over as primary tenants of the building, with FLC remaining on the lease. Over the last few months, we have implemented upgrades and improvements to our new home to make it feel like “US.” Throughout the 4-5 month transition, we have grown close to FLC and have become friends with Pastor Rob, their Staff, and their families. Learn more about FLC here:

Where to Park

The great news is there is TONS of parking! Visitors, guests, and regular attendees can park on both sides inside the parking lot or out on the street. Obviously, do not park in any Red curb areas, in front of fire hydrants, or anywhere else you normally wouldn’t be allowed to park.

Overflow – Parking Garage Across the street. The tenants across the street have graciously allowed us to use their parking garage as well.

Staff & Volunteers – We are asking all of our staff and volunteers to park in the Parking Garage across the street.

Where to Go Once Inside (Before Church)

You’ll be greeted in the entry/lobby and then on to your desired location. It’s important to know that the building has 2 floors. Remember that we will not be using all the spaces and options for the first few weeks. We will keep you updated as things progress.

First Floor – Click to enlarge

Second Floor – Click to enlarge

You can download the floorplan/map here

Children / Kids (Infants – 5th Grade)

Upon entering, all children must be checked in at the Kiosk in the front lobby (No change there). But now there will be two (2) check-in options: Self Check-in and Assisted. Follow the directions/instructions at the kiosk, and don’t worry; someone will be there to assist you either way. Once checked in:

  • Toddlers and Preschool will remain downstairs in their respective rooms and can be left with our staff.
  • K-5th Graders IMPORTANT – MUST BE ESCORTED TO THE UPSTAIRS CLASSROOM. Please DO NOT let your kids go off on their own.

ALL CHILDRENPlease refrain from allowing the kids to “roam free” in/around the building.

Middle & High Schoolers

While your custom new spaces upstairs get finished, you will attend service in the Main Sanctuary for the first few weeks with adults.


Please stop by the Cafe (1st Floor) to hang out, connect with others, and have a cup of our freshly brewed Starbucks coffee, before our 9:30 am service. We will have coffee available from ~9:15-9:45 am. Worship starts promptly at 9:35, so plan accordingly.

After Service

Children/Kids – Similar to drop off. Toddlers & Preschoolers will be downstairs in their respective rooms. K-5 MUST BE PICKED UP FROM UPSTAIRS AND ESCORTED BACK DOWN.

Adults/Youth – Hang out, connect, pray . . . either in the Sanctuary or the Cafe. The Cafe will be open again, serving fresh Starbucks coffee from 10:30 am – 11:00 am.


We appreciate your understanding that we are BRAND NEW to this building. All of the preparation in the world will not cover every situation and scenario, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please Contact Us.

Now, have an awesome week!