Last night started off with lots of fun game-playing! We brought in some new board games that were a big hit: Heads Up, Bounce Ball, Guess Who and, of course, Apple to Apples. A great way to start the night! That was followed by an intense ping pong ball competition. The clubbers were split into three teams and had to bounce or toss their ping pong balls into their bucket. The balls had point values – so the team with the most points won! And the big winner was..the BLUE team! Woo Hoo!

Before we started our counsel time, we watched the Junior Winter Camp video from last year. Boy did that get the kids excited! Don’t forget to turn in your medical authorization forms and $50 deposits; spaces are limited! On that note, we wanted to let you know that the total cost for camp will be $225. Your balance will not be due until January 1st.

We continued our study of the Fruits of the Spirit. This week we talked about PEACE. Ms. Betsy shared the story of Elisha from 2 Kings 6. What a great story of adventure, suspense and trickery! Elisha, as a chosen prophet, was given “inside information” from God about what the King of Aram was up to and would protect the Israelites with this information. Well, this caused the King of Aram to want to get rid of Elisha! At one point, Elisha and his servant were surrounded by the Aramarites and there was no way out. Elisha’s servant was freaking out (understandably) but Elisha was completely calm and at peace; he wasn’t afraid at all. How is this possible?! Turns out, he knew something that the servant didn’t know – they had God on their side, which meant they were going to be fine!

We illustrated this with a friendly game of Tug of War. Ask your clubber about that – it was great!

The clubbers spent time in their small groups going over the verse for the week – Philippians 4:6-7 – and talking about things they worry about and how they can pray to ask God to help with those anxious feelings.

The night concluded with Ms. Chrissy teaching the clubbers the “Philippians 4:6&7” song. No doubt these clubbers will remember this song forever and never forget the verse (you’ve probably already heard them singing it!).

We love spending Monday nights with your clubbers! Thank you for bringing them.

All for Him,

The Club 45 Team

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