1. CAMP: As of yesterday, the camp list is full! We are starting a wait list. It is very likely that your child can still go if they are on the wait list BUT you need to let us know ASAP if your child would like to attend. Email Chrissy at [email protected]. Also, if you expressed that your child wants to go but have not submitted your deposit and medical form, we cannot hold your spot. Please submit your money and forms right away. It’s super easy – do it online!
  2. CLUB 45 PARTY: Last night was our last regular Club 45 session. Our Movie Night Party will be next week. Please have your Clubbers come early…6:00pm. Pajamas encouraged!! (We will resume Club 45 in January as we continue our series on The Fruit of The Spirit.)


We began Club 45 with Club Time.  This is a time where the children are free to choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor games or just hang out and get to know each other. The boys had plenty of time to get some friendly football in before the rain started!

Our mixer was “I Love All These Clubbers…”.  It was a really fun version of musical chairs. Ask your child about how we mixed things up and who got to be in the hot seat!

During Club Teaching Time we discovered that we need to be kind to everyone. We are called to clothe ourselves in kindness (Colossians 3:12). We put on clothes on every day.  We need to be in a relationship with Jesus every day; Clothes are closer to us that anything else.  Jesus needs to be our closest relationship; Clothes make us feel a certain way.  When we have new clothes or have a favorite shirt we feel good in it.  If we have Jesus at the center of our lives then we should feel wonderful about how we feel and how we treat others. We need to cloth ourselves in kindness (Christ) so that the first thing people see in us is Christ and the love that He offers, we can in turn give away.

Station K-I-N-D or Station M-E-A-N; We had some amazing actors (our fearless leaders) act out scenarios in a kind manner and then again in a mean manner. The children love to see their leaders “on stage”. We learned that it is really easy to be kind to others when they are kind, but very difficult when they are mean.

Our story was from the book of Ruth in the Bible. This is a wonderful story of kindness. See if your child can recap the story for you!

We finished our time in our small groups. In these groups we went over the weekly verse and talked about being kind throughout the entire day. The clubbers were challenged to pick one day this week that they are going to work extra hard on being kind ALL DAY. Which day did your child pick??

Our weekly verse is: “Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and everyone else.” 1 Thessalonians 5:15 . Have your child practice it this week for a special prize. 

Our challenge verse is our Club 45 Theme Verse: Psalms 1:1-3 (It’s on the first page of their workbooks.) If this is memorized and said perfectly for Ms. Betsy, there is a onetime reward. Hooray for these clubbers who memorized their Club Verse this week:




Lastly, your kids came home with a “Kindness Worksheet” which offers 30 suggested Random Acts of Kindness that your child can do at school and/or home. We challenged the kids to perform all 30! If they bring back the worksheet with all 30 acts completed, they will receive a special reward.

Thank you,

The Club 45 team