Club 45 is back – and we are so excited to have all our clubbers back together on Monday night!

We started out the night playing all kinds of games – the standard football game outside and a myriad of games inside: Headbands, Fooz Ball, Apples to Apples, Guess Who. It’s fun to see the kids mix up their groups and play with each other; the laughter is so joyous!

Our group time started by reviewing the Club verse (Psalm 1:1-3) and going over the Club rules. Then we showed the video from Winter Camp! About 25 of the clubbers and most of the leaders went up to Forest Home last weekend for a fun-filled, action-packed, spirit-led weekend. It was fun to look at all the pictures and relive the memories of a really wonderful weekend! Here’s the link if you or your kids want to watch it over and over… :)

Next we played a game! Ms. Chrissy wrote a bunch of words on a white board and gave the kids 20 seconds to memorize as many as they could. Then we all had to sing the Star Spangled Banner together! After singing, she had the kids try to recall the words on the board. Remarkably they remembered all of them!! What superstars!

We are continuing our study of the Fruits of the Spirit and this week’s was….GOODNESS. The kids watched the leaders put on a skit portraying Daniel having to stand up to the king of Babylon. We learned that the armies of Babylon had conquered and taken over Jerusalem. King Nebuchadnezzar (a “bad” king) had taken captive some of the brightest men in Jerusalem and wanted these men to serve him. Keep in mind that King Nebuchadnezzar worshipped different gods and had different ideas of what it meant to be good. He put these men in a school for 3 years, made them learn a new language AND he changed their names. In addition, the king wanted these men to eat HIS special food to show their loyalty to him; the only problem was, God had given the people of Israel, including Daniel and his friends, strict rules about what they could and couldn’t eat – and the king’s food was in the “not to eat” category. Daniel convinced the king’s servant to let them eat THEIR food for 10 days and see if they survived and got stronger. Daniel was trusting God to provide and help them – which He did. God was faithful to Daniel and allowed them to get stronger eating God’s food and not the king’s.

We broke into our small groups to discuss the story and go over the memory verse (1 Peter 1:15). We also talked through various “sticky situations” and how we would deal with them and whether we would choose goodness or not.

It was a great night! We had 8 new kids join us – SO FUN!!!

See you all next Monday!

The Club 45 Team

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