After a week off, it was so nice to see all our clubbers back at the Cove! And the best part was seeing them all decked out for Pirate/Princess Night! Much to my surprise, we had a lot more pirates than princesses?! :)

It was a busy night as usual between outside games and table time – but lots of joy, smiles and fun throughout.

During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy talked about our feature cereal…


(The kids loved snacking on this during table time, of course.)

We talked about how Captain Crunch is known for its…crunch! That crunch makes so much noise that when you’re eating it, it’s hard to hear anything else going on around you. In our life, there is lots of noise that can keep us from hearing/doing what’s right. Most are simply distractions, examples such as technology, sports, school work. Sometimes there’s negative noise in our life in the way of people making fun of us or tempting us to do something we’re not supposed to do.

There is really only one voice (besides our parents!) that we should hear and listen to above all else – and that is God. But how do we hear God’s voice? The clubbers shared some ways that we hear God’s voice today: prayer, the Bible, other people, church. To illustrate, Ms. Betsy showed some videos of dogs hearing their owners’ voices over the phone. Even though they can’t see them, they know – and react! – as soon as they hear that voice. How do those dogs know their owner’s voice so well? The same way that we can come to hear God’s voice – by spending time with Him and becoming familiar with it. Our Bible verse was John 10:14-15; it talks about how a sheep knows its shepherd’s voice and will never follow a stranger because it is so familiar with and loyal to its shepherd. In the same way, we spend time in prayer and in the Word to know God’s voice; the more clearly we can hear and respond to God’s voice, the easier it is to block out the other “noise” in our life.

Next week is our last meeting of our Winter Session; it is Snap, Crackle Pop week! (Our Spring Session will run from April 6 – May 25).

This Sunday is Uniform Sunday; if Clubbers wear their uniform to church AND have a parent sign their Sunday School record, they will get a prize next week.

Lastly, we sent home cards regarding an opportunity to donate to the kids in Haiti. We are collecting pencil pouches; all the details are on the cards that were sent home. If the clubbers bring a “filled” pencil pouch to Awana next week, they will get 25 extra points for their team!!

Have a wonderful weekend – see you next week!

The AWANA Team