We wrapped up our Winter Session with a lot of noise – because it WAS….Snap Crackle Pop night!

The clubbers got to snack on Rice Krispies during table time – yum! We went through several boxes as the clubbers really enjoyed it! I think maybe it helps them memorize their verses even better?! :)

Mr. John orchestrated some awesome outside games; the clubbers always come in from games with big smiles (and very dirty hands!).

During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy did a quick run through the Awana rules (Respect Property, Unity, Listen to Others, Every Question is Okay, Listen to Others) and a review of what AWANA stands for (Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed, 2 Timothy 2:15).

Then we discussed what we love about our cereal of the week – Rice Krispies. What’s definitely most notable about Rice Krispies is the “noise” that it makes when mixed with milk. In fact, we did our own experiment: Ms. Betsy poured some milk into a bowl of Rice Krispies and put the microphone up to it so we could hear the snap crackle pop! Just like Rice Krispies is a noisy cereal, Jesus wants us to be “noisy” about our faith. We are the voice of God in this world and we are to share freely with others so they can learn about Jesus.

Our Bible story was from Luke 17. On the way to Jerusalem, Jesus met a group of ten men with leprosy. Leprosy was a very dangerous and contagious disease; those who had it were outcast from their homes, families and towns. These men approached Jesus to heal them and Jesus told them to go see the priest. (In those days, the priest was the only one who could declare them “clean.”). As they were on their way to the priest, they were completely healed. What happened next was very interesting…. one of the ten men ran back to Jesus to thank him for healing him. He could not keep quiet; he was so excited to be healed and have his life back. Not only did he thank Jesus, but he told everyone who would listen what had happened. However, the flip side is that other nine lepers never did come back and thank Jesus; they remained quiet. Who does Jesus want us to be like? He wants us to be like the ONE that was grateful and shared freely what Jesus had done in his life. We decided that we are going to SNAP CRACKLE POP for Jesus!!

The clubbers then watched a video from our winter session while snacking on Rice Krispie treats. The link for the video is below, in case you want to watch it over and over again. :)

Congrats to the YELLOW team, our big winners for the night!!

Also want to thank our clubbers for bringing in over 75 pencil pouches for the kids in Haiti. We have a group traveling to Haiti later this month that will take all those school supplies to the Haitian kids; they will be so excited!

REMINDER: There will be no Awana the rest of March! We will resume on Wednesday, April 6 for our Spring Session!

Enjoy your break, Happy Easter – see you in April!

The AWANA Team

Awana Winter 2016 Recap Video