What a great night at Club 45! We had a full turn-out, despite the rain! :)

The fact that they couldn’t play outside didn’t minimize the fun! The clubbers played all kinds of games like Connect Four, Mad Gab, Bounce Off, Guess Who and, of course, indoor football!

Our group time started out with a super fun mixer – called Poop Deck. Ms. Chrissy called out either beached whale, man overboard, lovers leap, three men rowing or four men eating. The kids had to pair/group up accordingly and whoever didn’t make it was out. It was really funny (see photos below)!

We’ve worked our way through all the fruits of the Spirit, so Ms. Chrissy is reviewing what we’ve learned. This week she focused on attitude. A few of our leaders acted out different scenarios – all using the same script, but with different reactions (love, gentle, mean, kind, etc). The point was…we cannot control how others act/react; we can only control our own reaction. Even if someone reacts angrily, if we are gentle and kind, it can turn the situation for the better.

Then Ms. Chrissy divided the clubbers into two groups – and they had a fruit fight! There was a line down the middle and each team had a bin full of wadded up, colored paper. On the word “go”, each team had to throw their papers to the other side and the other team had to try to throw them back. The team with the least amount of paper “fruit” won. After the game, Ms. Chrissy explained that sometimes we need more fruit to win the “fight.” The whole thing resulted in starbursts for everyone! :)

In small groups, the clubbers discussed various scenarios of how to employ the fruits of the spirit.

At the end of the night, Ms. Chrissy passed out decision cards and talked through them. The clubbers were given the opportunity to pray to accept Jesus in their heart for the first time; recommit their life to Jesus or want to learn more about God. They were also asked to indicate if they wish to be baptized. Ask your clubber about this!

We have two more weeks of Club 45 – NEXT WEEK IS PARENT NIGHT! We invite ALL parents to come and experience Club 45! We’ll entertain you with fun, games and discussion. Please join us!