Sports Night was so much fun! Seeing all the clubbers arrive in their team uniforms and jerseys – they were very proud and super cute!

Mr. John and Mr. Ryan put on some seriously competitive games and the clubbers were so into it! See the pics below…

The clubbers missed having cereal last week (they’d gotten pretty used to that last session?!), so they enjoyed snacking on popcorn this week while they worked on their verses at their tables.

During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy entered the room all ready to watch a softball game. She had her visor, chair, sunscreen, camera and, of course, snacks! She talked about how all three of her girls are playing softball right now. For every game, not only does she have to get everything ready to watch the game but her girls have to get ready to PLAY the game. They need their helmet, bat, glove and especially their uniform – because this is what identifies them as a team! She talked about how every position in softball is very important and that the game wouldn’t be possible if only one person from the team was on the field?! Sometimes we don’t get to play the position we want, but we have to trust that the coach knows what is best for the team and that he/she will make the best choice. Then Ms. Betsy told a story about a very exciting game that her daughter played a few years when they were in the playoffs. Ask your clubber to tell you about it…. the bottom line is that one position in particular turned out to be VERY important! Next we looked up a verse: 1 Corinthians 12:27 “All of you together are Christ’s body and each of you is part of it.” Ms. Betsy explained that “Christ’s body” simply refers to everyone who believes in Jesus. Or another way to say it is… GOD’S TEAM! In this life, we are here to support and encourage each other and help each other – just like we do on sports teams. And even though we might wish we were different (older/younger, funnier, quieter, smarter), we trust our coach – COACH GOD – that He made us perfect just the way we are and that He is going to use us on God’s Team in the best way. To close it out, we did what any good team does…a cheer! We circled up and learned a special cheer for God’s Team: “We love Jesus, yes we do; He loves me and He loves you. Go…..God’s Team!” :)

Congrats to the RED team, our big winners this week!

Next week is BARF Night (Bring a Real Friend)! Please invite your friends to come learn about God, be with their buddies and just have fun with us!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for VBS this summer! The dates are July 11-15. Official registrations starts on May 1st!!

See you next week!

Commander Betsy