BARF Night was awesome! (As a reminder for those that don’t know, nobody got sick; rather, they brought “real friends”!) We had 10+ friends join us for the first time and learn all about our Awana program. We’re hoping to see many of them back in the coming weeks!

Table time was very busy with all our visitors. Ms. Betsy called the visitors to the front to tell them what we do at Awana and how they too could earn jewels and patches! She invited them all to come back anytime!

During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy went over the Awana rules (Respect Property, Unity, Listen to others, Every question is okay and Speak with kindness). Then she talked about how hot it’s been the past few days and asked the clubbers some ways that they cool down in the heat. Some answers were: go to the pool, go to the beach, water gun fight, hydrate. But then Ms. Betsy talked about how hard it can be to cool down – not when we’re hot on the outside but when we’re hot on the inside. What’s that called we get upset and our tempers rise? The clubbers knew right away, of course – ANGER. Sometimes we do or say things we wish we hadn’t when we’re angry. We let it get the best of us. What does the Bible say about this? We looked up James 1:19-20 “Dear brothers, don’t ever forget that it is best to listen much, speak little, and not become angry; for anger doesn’t make us good, as God demands that we must be.” Ms. Betsy explained that God wants us to assess the situation, take in all the information and maybe take a deep breath or back away before we react. The interesting thing is.. there ARE times when God wants us to get angry. For instance, when a child is being bullied or mistreated, He wants our anger to motivate us to stand up for that child. When we see homeless people, we should let our anger motivate us to help them. The fact is that anger is an emotion that God gave us; we just have to rely on Him to control it and channel it appropriately. Then Ms. Betsy saved the best for last. She shared with the clubbers that her favorite way to cool down when it’s hot outside is to eat a popsicle – so she thought everyone should have one! All the clubbers headed outside and enjoyed eating their popsicles (see the cute pics below). :)

Congrats to the BLUE team for winning this week!

Next week is MISSIONS NIGHT! The clubbers can dress up as anyone from another country – we are going to have an international Awana!

Have a wonderful week – see you next Wednesday!

The Awana Team