This week was Team Color Night! The Cove was a sea of red, blue, green and yellow!

Our tables were a little more full this week as we have a few clubbers from BARF night last week that have decided to join us every week; we’re so excited about that!

During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy introduced the pet of the week: GUINEA PIG! Guinea pigs are soft and cuddly, the perfect size for our clubbers to hold and play with and love. They are also very social animals and enjoy lots of interaction and cuddling. We decided we could learn a little from guinea pigs on being open and welcoming, especially to God and what He can do in our lives.

The clubbers opened up their Bibles to Genesis 18. We read a story about Sarah and Abraham. Three angels visited the two of them and told them that they were going to have a baby. This was startling to Sarah and Abraham because they were both VERY old, like great-grandma old! Sarah had wanted a baby for many years but she had pretty much given up hope. It was understandable for Sarah not to believe these three strangers that showed up to deliver this message. In fact, when she heard it, she laughed out loud (LOL!). J But then the Lord spoke, asked why she was laughing and inquired “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” Sure enough, God kept His promise and Sarah gave birth to a baby boy about a year later and they named him Isaac. Sarah must have felt a bit embarrassed by her disbelief, but she learned a lesson we can all take from this story. We should never harden our hearts to God or distrust him. We should never say to God, “That’s impossible!” We need to keep our hearts open to God because He can do anything!

We ended Counsel Time by singing the AWANA song; then we ended the whole night with Crush (a fan favorite!).

Game time was very exciting! The clubbers did a relay race carrying oversized ice cream cones (otherwise known as very large bouncy balls in a bowl). It was so fun! It’s especially awesome how much the clubbers encourage each other, cheering for their teams – and then even cheering for the team that won!

Congrats to the RED team for being the color team winner this week!


Reminder for parents: Don’t forget that, if your clubber says their verse(s) to you at home and you initial and date it, they will earn double points for their team after they say it to their leader.

Have a great weekend!

The AWANA Team