This week was SUPERHERO NIGHT! We had visits from Captain America, Batman, Superman, SideSwipe, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Spidergirl, Iron Man – and so many others! Boy, the powers were flowing through the Cove! I’m sure that’s why there were even more verses memorized this week! :)

Game time was magical too – they played over/under with the oversized bouncy balls and then had a contest to see which team could fit into the smallest shape. Lots of fun out there!

During Counsel Time, Ms. Betsy introduced the pet of the week: PARROT! We talked about how parrots have one especially unique ability – and that is to talk! Parrots imitate the people around them and tend to be a reflection of the environment that they live in (whether it’s good or bad?!). We then read a story from Luke 5 where Jesus called Simon Peter, James and John to be his disciples. A “disciple” is a follower; someone who follows a teacher or a master. They learn to be like them by spending a lot of time with them. Jesus called twelve men to be his disciples and, for three years, they learned all about Jesus, His purpose and His message. Then they went on to start the Christian church after Jesus went to heaven and tell many others about the good news of Jesus. Just like parrots imitate people and the disciples imitated Jesus, we are called to imitate Christ as well. The way that we learn to imitate Christ is by reading the Bible as well as going to Awana and church. Then we can be a reflection of Jesus and His love to all of those around us.

We ended Counsel Time by learning a new song. It’s called the Bible Book Bop and it’s a song that teaches ALL the books of the Bible! Every clubber – whether they are in the first book or last book – have to learn the books of the Bible; this is a great tool to helping them do that! I’m included the link to the song here; I told the clubbers that I would send it to you so you can download it and have them listen to it!


Congrats to the BLUE team for being the color team winner this week! They did a stellar victory dance!

REMEMBER: There is NO AWANA next week!

We will resume on October 26th with a special visit from Pastor Jack (and possibly a live animal!).

Have a great weekend!

The AWANA Team